73-year-old Alla Pugacheva again changed her shorts to hoodies (video)


    73-year-old Alla Pugacheva again changed her shorts to hoodies (video)

    Russian humorist and TV presenter Maxim Galkin shared another home video showing his seed: wife Alla Pugacheva and children Lisa and Harry. On the recording, the singer walks along the picturesque street with the children. Instead of shorts and short dresses, she is wearing a black long cardigan that reaches her almost to the bones. The outfit hides the artist's figure, unlike those things in which she flaunted on the Jurmala embankment or walked along the streets of an Israeli city. The image was completed by white sneakers.

    Maxim Galkin appears in the frame, who says to his wife and children: “Where are you without me?”, then Pugacheva turns around and says with a smile:

    “And we thought you were with us! Left behind.”

    Children, listening to the dialogue, laugh.

    Where exactly the video was made is unknown. Most likely, the couple is still on vacation in Jurmala.

    Maxim's subscribers liked the video, and they left a lot of warm comments.

    “How you want it too: dad, mom, daughter, son together, and everything could be, but someone broke everything on February 24”, “What a stunning image Alla Borisovna has today! Beauty. And what wonderful people you are, good you and the world”, “And we only write in the news that Alla Borisovna is almost dying …… Health to you, your children and be happy!”, “At first I thought how Alla Borisovna could exchange Kirkorov for Galkin … Now I understand. This is, indeed, a real man. She is behind him, like behind a stone wall! Thank you very much to your family for your clear position and for your courage, and for your integrity, “they write under the publication.

    However there were many Russians who condemned Galkin and Pugacheva, their position in the war against Ukraine, which the artists did not support from the very beginning, and the help to Ukrainian refugees. Having spoken out against the aggression of the Russian Federation, the singer and comedian left with their children for Israel. Now, according to Russian media, the star spouses are already preparing documents for moving to the United States and are planning to sell their luxury real estate in Russia.


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