$750 towing fee allowed in Ontario municipality


Towing costs of $750 authorized in an Ontario municipality

Councillor Carolyn Parrish's motion to increase towing fees in the municipality passed last month.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation disapproves of increased fees towing vehicle recently authorized by the city council of Mississauga, Ontario.

Last month, Mississauga City Council increased the towing fee to $750 when a vehicle needs to be towed from Highway 401 or Queen Elizabeth Way to a collision reporting center.

Jay Goldberg, Ontario director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), says increasing towing fees by 87.5% is outrageous [.. .] at a time when the country is facing 8% inflation.

Jay Goldberg, Ontario Director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

< p class="e-p">He adds that he does not understand the increase imposed by Mississauga, which was already charging more than neighboring municipalities.

“To increase [the towing fee] to the extraordinarily high amount of $750 is an insult to taxpayers.

— Jay Goldberg, Ontario Director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF)

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has also expressed serious concerns about the increase in towing charges. According to the BAC, Mississauga's decision to nearly double the fees was not in the public interest.

The new towing rate is extremely high in Mississauga compared to other municipalities, adds the organization, which quotes towing rates of $280 for Toronto, $400 for Brampton, $275 for London and $300 for Ottawa.

This price difference shows that Mississauga City Council is out of touch with the needs of its constituents, says Jay Goldberg.

Mississauga Acting Director of By-Law Enforcement Michael Foley says there is a lot more work to tow a wrecked vehicle in his municipality than there would be in Toronto.

Yes, in Toronto the fees are lower, but tow truck drivers are only required to take the vehicle to the collision reporting centre, it says . Towing companies in Mississauga have more responsibilities than elsewhere, believes Michael Foley.

Michael Foley calls on drivers to be careful what are made to sign at the scene of an accident to make sure they don't sign a document they don't understand or don't approve of.

“In Mississauga, the tow truck driver must first bring a vehicle to a collision reporting center, then must stay and wait to tow the vehicle afterwards. And if the centers are closed, the driver often has to keep the vehicle overnight in a car pound.

—Michael Foley, Acting Director of Mississauga Bylaws

Michael Foley adds that in Mississauga, tow truck drivers cannot charge for storing the vehicle while it is at their facility. He thinks it would be difficult to determine if [$750] is too much or too little.

Mr. Foley clarifies that the increase in question is that of towing vehicles in the event of an accident.

The final decision of the choice of tow truck rests with the drivers, clarifies- he. If you are involved in a collision, if a tow truck comes and you don't want to use it, you don't have to. You can call another tow truck yourself, he warns. Michael Foley urges drivers to call the city of Mississauga if they have trouble with a towing company.

At the same city council meeting, elected officials also set $400 the cost of towing a vehicle that would not go to a collision reporting centre.


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