$8 a month for a verified Twitter account, Elon Musk's bet

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US$8 per month for a verified Twitter account, Elon Musk’s bet

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, announced on Tuesday the upcoming launch of an 8 US dollars per month (about 11 Canadian dollars) subscription for users. wishing to have their account verified as authentic and be less exposed to advertising.

The social network has offered a subscription to paid features since last year, but the general manager wants a new offer, more expensive and more widely adopted, which will diversify the sources of income for the platform.

The current system of lords and peasants, with who gets the blue tick and who doesn't, is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for $8 a month, said the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, which acquired Twitter on Thursday.

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So he's considering merging Twitter Blue – a $6.49 per month subscription for a more comfortable reading mode and editing tools – with the opportunity given to eligible accounts to have their identity verified.

Currently, only certain profiles can apply for this blue tick token of authenticity, including governments, businesses, media, and political, cultural, or sports personalities. They can lose their badge if they do not follow the rules of the platform.

As of Friday, Elon Musk asked his engineering team to work tirelessly on this system overhaul.

He said that subscribers would have other benefits: their tweets will appear in priority, they will be able to broadcast longer videos and audio messages, and will be exposed to half as much advertising.

Twitter Blue currently provides access to free, ad-free articles from hundreds of news sites like the Los Angeles Times .

This will still be the case in the new version for editors ready to work with us, Elon Musk mentioned on Tuesday, without giving further details.

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The subscription price will be adjusted depending on the country.

It will also bring revenue to Twitter to reward content creators, he concluded.

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The richest man in the world has repeated since the start of the eventful takeover process that he embarked on this operation out of interest in this public square essential to democracy, and to help the x27;humanity.

He indicated that profitability was not his priority. But Twitter is a network whose revenue comes 90% from advertising and which has never been very profitable compared to its Californian neighbors Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google (YouTube).

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And Elon Musk may promise that the tweeting platform won't become unlivable when he relaxes content moderation rules, some advertisers are worried.

On Friday, the automaker General Motors has announced that it is temporarily removing its ads from Twitter. The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) for its part reiterated the importance for brands that toxic content be removed.

The very idea of ​​having to pay for getting his account verified has drawn a lot of criticism.

Applying to Twitter followers to make more money might be the right strategy, but it's not. is not verification that you have to pay for, commented Jasmine Enberg, an analyst at Insider Intelligence.

Verification is supposed to ensure the authenticity of accounts and conversations on the platform, it is not a supplement to improve the experience of users who have access to it, she added.

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