8 cat breeds that are the friendliest to humans


January 14, 2019, 16:04 | Animals

If you choose a furry, you should learn about breeds and their character.

8 cat breeds, which are the most friendly to humans

Every cat lover knows this stereotype: cats are often left aloof, they are indifferent and capricious. But there are some breeds that are known among animal lovers for being more social and affectionate. These breeds of cats, according to experts, are the most pleasant pets, Ukr.Media informs.

Kitty, kitty, kitty

8 cat breeds, which are the most friendly to man

First of all, any breed of cat can make a great pet and pet. How friendly and open to human interaction your cat will be will depend on the particular cat and, more importantly, on the environment you provide your furry friend. Although some cat breeds are noted for being friendly, almost any cat can become friendly and affectionate if given proper socialization and training from a young age. The right types of interaction and positive feedback can help any cat become a friendly, friendly and affectionate animal. But if you want to maximize your chances of your pet being as friendly as possible, here are the breeds that experts note for being particularly friendly and human-friendly.

Maine Coon

8 cat breeds that are the most friendly to humans

There are reasons why these cats are called 'gentle giants'. Although they are considerably larger than the average cat, their weight usually ranges from 4 to 9 kilograms. A Maine Coon's meow is a high-pitched, light sound, so it's often quite surprising to hear such a sound come from such a massive ball of fur. These friendly cat breeds also generally get along well with people and other cats, making them an ideal choice for people with multiple pets. Maine Coon's cute nature and playful and feigned silliness are what will bring you joy when the cat is around you.

Burmese cat< /p>

8 cat breeds, which are the most friendly to man

The majestic appearance of the Southeast Asian cat, the Burmese, will be a great choice if you want a cat that will pet and sit on your lap. Relatively small in size but often stocky, these friendly cat breeds love to curl up and snuggle. The Burmese breed has no problem letting its owners know when it wants attention. Burmese cats are extremely affectionate. In fact, they have a very coordinated behavior with their owner.

Siamese cats

8 cat breeds, which are the most friendly to man

They may be the evil, scheming characters of Disney's Lady and the Tramp, but don't let that fool you. Siamese cats are actually kind kittens! Animal experts note Siamese cats as “inquisitive and intelligent”. You can't call these cats alienated – they are known as one of the most interesting breeds, if not the most interesting, because the furry ones are often interested in what their people are doing. One thing to note is that Siamese cats are one of the most vocal cat breeds, so you can talk to them. While some cat owners love this, others may prefer a less noisy pet.


8 cat breeds that are the most human-friendly

Who says black cats bring bad luck? These black beauties make great human companions and despite being called the 'miniature panther', they tend to be much more than simple predators. In fact, they are wonderful creatures that often get along great with children, and they are known for being friendly cat breeds that are great with their owners and with strangers.

Persian cat

8 cat breeds, which are the most friendly to man

These fluffy cats can become the chosen companions of criminals in Bond films, and while it is true that Persians do love to be held and pampered, the bad guy association persists. Just like their cute faces, this breed is gentle and loves to return the love they receive. Although they love hugs, they tend not to be particularly agile or playful. But while these cats may not be the best choice for people looking for a lively animal, Persians are affectionate companions for those looking for something more laid-back.

Exotic short-haired

8 cat breeds that are the friendliest to humans

Exotic shorthair cats are directly related to Persians – they were bred as a mixture of Persians and American shorthairs. Thus, they resemble the Persians both in appearance and in personality. Because their short fur requires much less maintenance than the long fur of Persians, they are often touted as the perfect alternative to Persians for very busy people. In terms of personality, Exotic Shorthairs are very friendly and seem very loyal, at least to one of the people they live with. On the other hand, Exotic Shorthairs may not be immediately friendly to people they don't know. Sometimes this breed takes a little time to settle on strangers, but these cats are loyal and loyal pets.


8 cat breeds that are the friendliest to humans

Most cat people know exactly how the Ragdoll cat got its name: when a person picks it up, it behaves like a doll, that is, it passively lowers its limbs and does not try to break free. But the Ragdoll breed is much more than just a passive ball of fur – this friendly cat breed loves to play with its trusted humans and has even been known to come when called. They are very affectionate and like to watch and follow their humans.

Abyssinian Cat

 8 cat breeds that are the most human-friendly

If you are looking for a playful, quirky cat with a great personality, then these cats, with a pleasant brown color, will be a great choice for even the most demanding owners. They are known for being boisterous and active. The Abyssinian cat loves to do things, is super playful, and loves people of all ages – including babies.


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