8 good reasons to get a cat

Scientists believe that the house needs to have fluffy the cat, as it has a positive impact on its owner. Named eight reasons in favor of the pet, among them indicate improvement in the cardiovascular system.

8 веских причин завести в доме кота

The rumbling called the representatives of the terrestrial fauna calms the person, however, decreases the likelihood of stress. Observed the balance, while the heart is working smoothly. Published cats sounds at frequencies from 50 to 130 Hz have a positive effect on the joints, making them more agile. Besides, experts say, is an acceleration of bone repair after injury. Pet configures the host to positive communication, in some cases, people get rid of shyness. Cats reduce the risk of development of gastritis in children and suppress the Allergy.

The owners called the four-legged friends have a high intelligence and a deep emotional Constitution, they developed imagination, they are more calm. The presence in the house fluffy cat improves sleep by 40%, say the researchers.

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