8 reasons to buy an electric toothbrush


July 15, 2022, 09:01 | Medicine

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8 reasons to buy an electric toothbrush

The main cause of the most common dental problems is improper oral hygiene. The subtlety of science is not only in a correctly selected toothbrush and toothpaste, but also in the cleaning technique. To evaluate the quality of care, you can buy a special food dye at the pharmacy, which will demonstrate how much plaque remains on the teeth after brushing with a regular brush. The main task of an electric toothbrush is to effectively remove dental plaque and prevent a number of diseases of the oral cavity. But this is far from its only advantage. Let's consider why even the most expensive electric toothbrushes are worth their money, informs Ukr.Media.

Advantages of electric toothbrushes

The reason for the popularity of electric toothbrushes is not just a fashion trend, but the efficiency of their use, which is noted by more and more consumers who have made their choice in favor of the gadget.

  1. A significantly greater number of movements on each tooth, compared to a regular toothbrush, provides more thorough cleaning.
  2. The miniature head and features of the movement of the bristles provide better cleaning of hard-to-reach places.
  3. The gadget removes more complex and persistent plaque that cannot remove with an ordinary brush.
  4. A useful bonus is the massage of the gums, as well as the removal of plaque in the immediate vicinity of them.
  5. The electric brush is much more effective in the process of whitening and "polishing" tooth enamel.
  6. Many electric brushes do not require the use of toothpaste, you can refresh the oral cavity only with a rinse if there is a desire.
  7. Interchangeable nozzles allow the whole family to use one electric brush, and also to change without problems features of care according to the doctor's recommendation.
  8. Electric toothbrushes are the middle link between everyday and professional brushing, which helps to reduce the number of trips to the dentist. Most dentists recommend professional dental cleanings twice a year to prevent tooth decay. Higher-quality independent plaque removal will help increase the interval to one year or more.

Many people are frightened by the high cost of electric toothbrushes, but this is only an illusion. You don't need to change your electric toothbrush every month, but only the nozzle, which can last up to six months (depending on the manufacturer). You can use one brush with different attachments for the whole family, plus you save on toothpaste, visits to the dentist and expensive treatment of dental problems. With careful treatment, the brush will last you more than 5 years.

Types of electric toothbrushes


Cleans teeth due to reciprocating and pulsating movements of the nozzle head, which is mainly round in shape. The speed of rotation can vary from 2 to 30 thousand per minute. Provides the softest cleaning of all electric toothbrushes.


Using the generation of sound waves, causes the bristles to make circular or sweeping movements. Effectively and without additional effort removes dental plaque and pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity. Unlike the ultrasonic brush, it is suitable for children, it can be used by them as the first brush for independent brushing of teeth.


Emits higher sound waves than a regular sonic brush. The sound is not perceived by human hearing, but provides a high frequency of pulsations per minute. It is effective in removing not only plaque, but also tartar, enamel pigmentation, and caries-causing bacteria.

Additional functions of individual models:

  • Built-in timer. Helps control the cleaning time of both the entire oral cavity and individual areas for maximum results.
  • Pressure indicator. Helps prevent injury to gums and tooth enamel.
  • Different cleaning modes. They provide an individual approach to oral care.
  • Built-in irrigator. Helps to clean the spaces between the teeth efficiently.
  • Indicator bristles. They change color when it's time to replace the nozzle.
  • Connecting to a smartphone. It not only displays statistics on the quality of cleaning, but also turns the process into an interesting game. Some manufacturers have developed special programs where you get points for quality cleaning, which is very attractive to children and teenagers.
  • Travel covers with a built-in power bank for recharging the brush anywhere at any time.
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An incorrectly selected electric toothbrush can harm your oral cavity. Before buying an electric toothbrush for yourself or a child, be sure to consult a doctor who will make a number of requirements and recommendations, help you choose the type and attachment depending on the condition and characteristics of your teeth and gums.


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