8th feminicide in Quebec: the victim would have asked for help before being murdered

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8th feminicide in Quebec: the victim would have asked for help before being murdered

A young mother succumbed to her injuries after being stabbed while leaving a LaSalle apartment by her ex-husband, whom she wanted to leave.

The 29-year-old victim did everything she was advised to do to leave her abusive partner. She complained to the police on more than one occasion, left home with her children to live with a friend, and contacted the social worker at her CLSC.

Despite all these gestures, Hosea Puhya would have found his wife to stab her to death in front of his three children, aged 2 months, 1 year and 4 years, who had just been installed in the car to drive the two older children. old at daycare, according to our police sources.

According to our information, the suspect waited for his spouse to walk to his parked car to take her by surprise.< /p>

It was her husband who sponsored her to come and live in Canada. They are both from Cameroon. As soon as she arrived, he started being violent. It was someone who constantly hit on her, shared Daniela Gangangte, a relative of the victim who witnessed the scene.

Daniela Gangangte, a relative of the victim, says she did everything she was advised to do to leave the abusive partner. Despite this, the irreparable happened.

In a few moments, the ex-spouse fled, leaving the victim seriously injured on the ground. The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) finally arrested him last night. In the meantime, the 29-year-old mother has succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

“After he was arrested by the police for domestic violence, he kept saying he was going to find her to kill her.

— Daniela Gangangte, a relative of the victim of the 8th femicide in Quebec

This is the eighth femicide to occur in Quebec in 2022 .

This homicide occurs at a time when anti-collision bracelets are in full deployment in Quebec. By the end of the fall, Quebec is aiming for 500 devices available to the courts to impose it on individuals who commit domestic violence.

Hosa Puhya has three cases of violence and armed assault in the Montreal courthouse.

On September 12, 2021, he was charged with ;having made threats in the context of domestic violence.

Pregnant and about to give birth to her third child, the young mother testified in June in an attempt to discredit her own complaint, which she had filed with the police several months earlier, in order to have her spouse acquitted.

Still detained for non-compliance with conditions, the suspect will have managed to recover his freedom at the end of August, under several conditions to be respected, including that of not approaching the victim.

About a week after being released, he committed irreparable harm.

She had run away from him. She managed to find a new place to live with relatives. I do not yet understand how he knew where she had taken refuge, deplores Ms. Gangangte.

According to the criteria of the Ministry of Public Security, the court would have imposed the wearing the anti-reconciliation bracelet.

I do not understand these acts of wanting to treat a person like that, mentions the friend of the victim, referring to the victim' hold he wanted to keep over his ex-wife.

The technology chosen by Quebec would have been used to send not only an alert to the smart device of the mother to warn her of the presence of her ex-spouse nearby, but also to notify the SPVM police officers.

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