9-year-old girl was teased because of the excess weight. Today, she lost weight and looks irresistible

9-летнюю девочку дразнили из-за лишнего веса. Сегодня она похудела и выглядит неотразимо

It might seem like little worries we have in childhood! During this time, you can do almost anything you want, and you do not need to worry about the consequences. Especially when it comes to food.

Problems Brianna

But 9-year-old Brianna bond, it was different. At this age, a citizen of California weighed as much as 200 pounds (90.5 kg). Now that she’s 13, after intense dieting brianna looks completely different.

Brianna was one of the thousands of children suffering from obesity in America waiting for health complications later in life. But she managed to change everything after she was bullied at school because its weight exceeds the average.

Solving problems

Within 14 months, Brianna has managed to lose 40% of the weight using a variety of exercises and a balanced diet.

Parents were the main motivators in her quest to lose weight, ensuring that it will work if daughter will do the exercises, which included a daily walk of four miles.

The motivation of her parents came from the fact that they watched their once playful daughter became more and more withdrawn when her weight started to affect her daily life. Inability to perform physical exercise, like all the other kids at school, was just one of the reasons why brianna felt isolated from their classmates.

Determined to help change his daughter’s life for the better, her parents decided to make a diet plan, but not put her girl alone…

The family ruled out his favorite junk food and start to introduce exercise to your daily routine. “I was making them with her every step,” explains Brianna’s mother.

This has changed a lot in the life of Brianna. Now she is actively engaged in the school swim team and is making enormous progress. Looking for Brianna right now, it is impossible to imagine that she was once a fat child.

Bullying is scary

Unfortunately, kids can be very cruel towards others. And if some kid something wrong, they can start to laugh at him and scoff. This phenomenon is called bullying. And the phenomenon is truly awful. Just imagine how much could such “bullying” to affect the child’s psyche. And on his later life? Here that, for example, recalls the school’s 20-year-old Tatyana from Krasnodar. In school, she was really strange, so how to play with peers she didn’t want.

She was much more interesting to communicate with adults. It was full and closed. After transfer to another class after it had been transferred, and another boy. He, unlike Tanya, quickly made friends with all. Moreover, by speaking about a lot of nasty things to the girl. In the end, she began to insult, to offend, to break her things, and later even beat. Not helped by the transfer to another school.

She continues to be teased. Developed depression require psychotherapy and medication. The girl now shy to communicate with strangers. 15-year-old Sergey from Izhevsk can not endure the consequences of “bullying” classmates because of his excess weight. From the very beginning of his studies pushed him and poked after fingers. With the instigators of the bullying repeatedly talked to the boy’s parents, teachers, head teacher and even a psychologist. Nothing helped. Moreover, everybody began to consider the guy a “Snitch.” Now the boy is studying in 9th grade, but the school does not want to appear. Friends had not, the lessons he regularly skips.

Alas, but such cases are today found more and more. Children are cruel. And someone can cope with their problems, like brianna from California, but someone has to suffer…

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