A 2-year-old boy between life and death after falling into a rainwater tank

A 2-year-old boy between life and death after falling over in a rainwater trough

After falling into a rainwater trough, a little boy is between life and death . He escaped his grandfather's supervision. We tell you more here.

The story takes place on Saturday June 4 in Sevran, in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. A little boy was under the supervision of his grandfatherwho was with two other of his grandchildren, aged 5 and 7. After being absent for a few moments, leaving the children alone, the grandfather returned and found that someone was missing. He then alerted the mother of the little boy, as well as the police. The search therefore began in the neighborhood with the help of the father. But the child was nowhere to be found… And for good reason: the little boy has not left the enclosure of the home. He was fine in the garden…

The child was finally found by his grandfather in the rainwater collection tank which is placed in the garden. Unfortunately, he was drowning. The firefighters and the Samu therefore arrived and found the victim “in cardiorespiratory arrest”, according to a source familiar with the matter who confided in our colleagues from Parisien >. As a first step, cardiac massagewas carried out for 40 minutes. A defibrillator was then used. The emergency services finally managed to recover the pulse of the little boy who was then taken to the Robert-Debré hospital, in Paris, in a critical condition.

His vital prognosis would be very committed

Still according to a source close to the case, “the young victim would have fallen head first in the tank and found herself completely submerged”. This Monday, June 6, 2022, the vital prognosis of the little boy would be very committed. For information: children are the first victims of drowning. During the summer of 2021, more than 1100 accidental drownings were recorded in France. 250 were fatal. Children under 6 are the most affected, as well as people over 65.

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