A 35-year-old “Viking” from Poland aged himself for the sake of love


August 21, 2017, 17:42 | Culture

Thanks to his unusual appearance, gray-haired Pavlo Lodziak became a new star of the Internet

35-year-old "Viking" from Poland aged himself for love

The gray-haired Pole motivates his subscribers to new achievements in life.

A new star shone on the Internet thanks to its unusual appearance – Pavel Lodziak, a resident of Warsaw. Despite his thick gray beard and hair of the same color, the Pole was only 35 years old. He has been active in social networks for quite some time, but he became really popular only after he tried on the image of an “experienced” person. husband.

Pavlo Lodziak admitted that he decided to recolor his hair at the moment when he realized that he was starting to gray. In addition, he knew very well that his beloved liked older men more, and this was the last push for external changes, reports Ukr.Media.

35-year-old &quot

35-year-old "Viking" from Poland aged himself for love

“It is not paradoxical, but I decided to dye myself because I started graying and I did not feel well. Although I am 35 years old, I have liked such absolute whiteness of hair for a long time, – said the Pole in an interview with the publication kobieta.

35-year-old "Viking" from Poland aged himself for love

Changing the way helped Pavlo Lodziak not only in establishing personal relationships, but also in his career. The unusual appearance of the man, who works as a fitness trainer and model, has made his classes very popular with female visitors to the hall.

The Pole himself believes that his appearance inspires clients and subscribers to become better, to change, because he himself is far from always was so attractive and pumped up.

“Unfortunately, I plunged headfirst into the crazy years of my youth. When, at the age of thirty, I thought that I couldn't be worse now than I was in my teens, I took care of myself, – Lodziak said.

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The gray-haired Pole is often compared with the 50-year-old millionaire, the Italian Gianluca Vacca. And indeed, despite the difference of 15 years, the men look almost like twin brothers. According to Pavel Lodziak himself, they are related not only by the color of their hair, the thickness of their beards and the plumpness of their tanned bodies, decorated with tattoos, but also something more. “We also have in common the fact that I also like to surround myself with women, but at the same time I am faithful to only one. Also, we both play sports and are about the same height – a little more than 173 centimeters. As you can see, we have much more in common than you might think, – the Pole thinks.


35-year-old "Viking" from Poland aged himself for the sake of love

The newly minted Internet star is trying with all his might to motivate his subscribers to new achievements. The man often posts photos of training sessions and joint pictures with his wife, which he often captions with inspiring statements.


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