A 38-year-old woman is missing. There is a threat to life and health. Urgent help needed

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The Missing Cała Polska Association appeals to drone owners for help.

 A 38-year-old woman is missing. There is a threat to her life and health. Urgent help is needed

It is no secret that there is still new, dramatic information on the Internet about the numerous disappearances of children, adolescents and adults.

A 38-year-old resident of Ruda Śląska is missing

Mrs. Joanna Pawłowska planned a trip to Hannover, where her life partner is staying. When on September 20, 2022, she left Żabka, where she works, it was 7:00 am.

She last contacted her beloved at about 1:40 pm to inform him about it that it has to travel about 100 km before it reaches Berlin. When she hung up, her phone went silent.

As the Missing Cała Polska Association informs on its Facebook profile, Joanna Pawłowska has not spoken to anyone again, she has not returned home, nothing is known about her whereabouts outside Poland. Her phone is inactive, and the trace of the resident of Ruda Śląska has been lost.

The uniform found that the lost, stout blonde with hazel eyes was in the Częstochowa poviat, on September 20 at 13:39. According to the description given, the wanted woman is 165 cm tall, and at the time of the disappearance she was wearing Żabka's brand T-shirt in green, sports shoes and black leggings.

The relatives tremble for Joanna's life and health, because she had never before she was going alone on such distant routes with her silver Opel Corsa, registered as SL32365.

[…] People who have information that may contribute to the determination of the whereabouts of the missing are asked to contact the Municipal Headquarters Police in Ruda Śląska, phone: 47 854 12 00 or emergency number 112. You can also contact us in a private message or by e-mail: zaginienicalapolska@gmail.com WE GUARANTEE ANONYMITY – appears in the post published by the association.

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