A bird knocks on the window – what to expect, what omens


January 9, 2019, 2:45 p.m. | Animals

Any person involuntarily flinches from a knock on the window. And when it sounds in the window of a high-rise building, no one remains indifferent.

A bird is knocking on the window - what to expect, what signs

Signs, if a bird knocks on the window, are considered bad among the people. Below, we will talk about the different interpretations of this sign, as well as what to do to ward off trouble, informs UkrMedia.

A bird knocks on the window: for disaster or for good< /strong>

A bird knocking on the window is a bad sign. It is believed that the souls of the dead inhabit birds. And the arrival of the dead in the house is always bad. He will either call with him, or he wants to warn about possible trouble.

That's how signs appear. First, the bird flies to the windows, and then people notice that something bad is happening to them. Our ancestors collected such matches.

There is another explanation. In ancient times, the dead were carried out through windows, not through doors. That is why a bad omen appeared: a bird knocked on the window – a messenger from the world of the dead came to the house.

Biologists deny folk wisdom – most often birds approach a person and his home for food. If a pigeon knocks on the window – it means that it lacks food, and not quick troubles for your house.

Bad omens: a bird knocks on the window

What to do if a bird knocked on the window? Pay attention to the behavior of children. Our ancestors believed that they could see the dead.

The baby reacts joyfully to the feathered stranger – it means that he did not bring bad news. Crying when a sparrow knocks on the window – the sign is working, you need to take measures.

A magpie knocks on the window – a sign

Do not drive away bird from the windowsill, and offer it a treat and say:

Come for food, don't come for a soul.

A bird knocks on the window - what to expect, what signs

Another way is to tie a red ribbon to the window. It is believed that it scares away the negativity that feathered creatures bring into the house.

It is interesting that you can tie a red thread both in advance and when you see a bird. It is not necessary to drive him away.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the visitors themselves.

Doves have long symbolized hope, good news, and peace. The sign itself indicates that one of the dead friends or relatives is worried about you. Do not chase away the bird, feed it and remember the deceased loved ones.

Another option is to crumble stale bread to the pigeons in the church. It was believed that in this way you would please the world of the dead.

Plyska knocks on the window – a contradictory sign. On the one hand, this bird is considered a harbinger of spring, and on the other hand, it is a symbol of tears. This applies to the white splash. The arrival of such a bird indicates quick quarrels, resentment with a loved one. It is also a bad sign for pregnant women. A colorful splash brings joy and fun to the house.

But it is definitely a bad omen – a crow knocks on the window. Among the Slavs, these birds were considered guides between the underworld.

What to do in this case, you ask. Of course, clean the house. It means both ordinary wet cleaning and circumambulation with a candle and prayers. It is recommended to visit the church.

There are also folk pagan ways. For example, the youngest member of the family, but older than seven years, must collect all the small coins in the house and take them to the crossroads. There he leaves money with the words:

Trouble, take the ransom, don't follow us, don't touch anyone, go your way!

The child must not return back turning around and not talking to anyone.

They also call for help from the housekeeper. For this, treats are left for him for three days in a row with the words:

Domovik, mistress, protect my home and family, take away trouble. Here's a treat for you, and give us comfort.

When a crow appears at the window, it is not advised to start a new business, make big purchases and make plans for the future.

A tit hitting the window is a sign

In ancient times, this bird was associated with the Blue Bird of Happiness, which brings good luck and good news. A lonely person will find a chosen one, there will be a long-awaited addition to the family, and the income of the head of the family may increase. In ancient times, the list was supplemented with a good harvest, but now this part of the omen is not so relevant.

Some believers call the titmouse not a harbinger of happiness, but a bird of death. She represents the soul of a deceased relative who came to pick up a loved one. Some even now believe that if a tit hits the window, it is a sign of the death of a relative. There is a more optimistic version of this superstition – the tit knocks on the window to material losses.

It is difficult to say which omens to believe. Most people prefer to be skeptical when it comes to bad predictions and rejoice when there are good signs. Waiting for the death of relatives or worrying about losses in advance is a bad idea in any case, so you can set yourself up for negativity. This phenomenon is sometimes called self-mutilation – a person prepares for the bad, which happens.

It is important to understand that omens come true more often if you believe in them. You will think about the bird that knocked on the window, and tell everyone about your doubts and fears – the omen will definitely come true.

It is another matter, if you do not pay attention to it and forget about it – then the omen won't work Always remember to adequately assess what is happening. In the city, many birds sit on the windowsills of residential buildings every day, and this does not bring misfortune to the owners of apartments.

Our ancestors believed in such things for a reason, and the omens themselves have been tested for centuries. In any case, the choice is yours: believe or not.


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