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A bonus automatically arrives for 6 million French people: here is the amount according to your net salary

“A bonus automatically arrives for 6 million French people: here is its amount according to your net salary”

A financial boost is coming to many French people. And there is no step to take. TO DO.

This is good news at the end of the month which was no longer expected. While the accounts of many French people are in the red or flirting with overdraft, a financial boost to replenish the budget a little more will arrive for 6 million workers.

Like the checks and other exceptional bonuses paid in recent years, it is once again the State which is taking action. the pocket "to face the inflation which remains high on everyday products."

Unlike the energy check where this aid was only used for pay certain bills related to electricity or gas, this purchasing power bonus will be paid directly into the bank accounts of eligible people. A method similar to that of compensation fuel. Beneficiaries can use it as they wish.

Not all employees are eligible for this. this bonus. A decree was issued specifying the professions concerned. These are professors and teachers (nursery, primary, middle school, high school, approved in the public), AESH, agents working in prefectures, ministries, prisons , but also of all the staff employed there. in public hospitals, as well as all military personnel.

The amount of the bonus paid varies according to the salary level. If you are among the civil servants concerned, here is what you will receive based on your net monthly salary, before taxes:

  • Net salary less than or equal to à 1541€: 800€
  • Monthly net salary between 1541€ and 1779€ : 700€
  • Monthly net salary between 1779€ and 1902€ : 600€
  • Monthly net salary between 1902€ and 2012€ : 500€
  • Monthly net salary between 2012€ and 2107€ : 400€
  • Monthly net salary between 2107€ and 2195€: 350€
  • Monthly net salary between 2107€ and 2551€: 300€

Some variations may, however, occur. To receive the full bonus, you must have been qualified under contract between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. Otherwise, a pro rata will be applied.

The government has also specified that the bonus would be paid in one go, at the same time as the salary. For some, this will be as early as the next day. come, on the payroll for the month of October. The rest will receive it with the pay for the month of November.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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