A brave dog chased the bear away from the house, despite his age


July 15, 2022, 16:32 | Animals

The dog was not named Thor for nothing.

A brave dog drove the bear away from the house, despite its age

A video appeared on social networks in which a dog in the American state of New Hampshire single-handedly chased a bear off the porch of a house, Ukr.Media informs.

The incident happened around one o'clock in the morning. A dog named Thor with an aggressive bark pounced on a large black bear that had made its way onto the porch. The bear clearly did not expect such an onslaught and was confused. Thor, still barking, came down from the porch to let the bear down. The animal really retreated into the yard, and then completely left the territory.

The brave dog even followed the uninvited guest to make sure that the house was safe. Thor's owner then opened the front door, praising the 13-year-old dog for his bravery.

Black bears are the only bear species in New Hampshire. According to the local Department of Fish and Game, black bear attacks are rare and the animals are not usually aggressive, but they are still considered dangerous.


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