A brawler in hockey and at home, he put his mother through hell

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A hockey and home brawler, he made his mother go through hell

Carl-William Caron went so far as to strangle his mother, saying he was “tripped” to have done it.

A resident of Donnacona who played the strong men on the ice repeatedly beat his mother, causing her to live in a climate of terror.

I have rarely seen a letter like this, said Judge Sébastien Proulx after reading the 12 pages written by the victim, a 72-year-old woman.

Your mother is convinced that you are going to kill her, he says to the son, disturbed by the letter in which the mother describes the impact of her attacks.

During this hearing, which took place last week at the Quebec City courthouse, Carl-William Caron admitted his guilt to charges of harassment, threats and assault on his mother whom he strangled, among other things. several times.

The 44-year-old man was sentenced to just over four years in prison, following an agreement between lawyers for the lawsuit and defense that the judge accepted.

In addition to imprisonment, Caron himself proposed adding a special condition, that of no longer having the right to set foot in Donnacona.

While he abused his mother, Carl-William Caron participated in senior hockey games where teams called on his services for his fists.

Many videos available in line show him engaged in furious battles on the ice. According to eliteprospects.com, he has accumulated more than 400 penalty minutes in 53 games, scoring just one point. While playing tough on the rink, he also picked on his mother.

His attacks began in 2010 when he returned to live with the victim, telling him that he was there, according to the account of the facts presented by the prosecution lawyer, Me Alexandre Morency.

The victim felt obliged to help and endure him, since she was his mother, said Me Morency.

Caron's lawyer, Me Benoît Labrecque, revealed that his client was abused in his childhood.

Verbally violent, at the beginning, the son then physically attacked his mother, while the aggressions will increase in quantity and intensity, year after year.

So much so that the victim is unable to situate in time and describe all the attacks, because she was the victim of a large number of attacks, specifies Me Morency.

While he raises the fans by challenging his opponents on the ice, Caron consumes drugs, which leads him to damage the family home.

He is often in prey to hallucinations: he believes the house is on fire and throws water everywhere, exposes the pursuit.

When angry, he also attacks objects and kicks walls. The mother estimates that her son caused $5,000 in damage to his residence.

In addition, she also got into debt of nearly $10,000 since she assumed all the expenses of her son – rent, food, car – for fear that he would attack her, specifies Me Morency.

Carl-William Caron also claims money from his old age pension checks from his mother.

In the summer of 2019 comes the first strangulation episode. Caron grabs his mother by the throat and has her mounted to the wall. When he lets go of his grip, the woman falls to the ground and splits her head open.

A few weeks later, he throws a knife at her which hits her in the arm, inflicting a laceration.

In September 2021, he strangled his mother four times, performing the same. The accused takes her by the throat, squeezes and releases, then starts again, reports Me Morency of the DPCP.

In the last event, Caron mentions to his mother that he will one day kill her.

The next day, he asks her if she was scared, telling her that he had a trip.

The son repeats that x27;one day he will kill her and that he will then kill other people, underlines Me Morency.

The woman lives in fear. She was always afraid that it would be known, that her family would be aware of the situation, can we read in the summary of the facts.

Carl-William Caron himself asked not to be able to go to Donnacona anymore.

After suffering from repeated attacks by her son for ten years, the mother reports him to the police.

After his arrest, the officers allowed Caron to communicate with his spouse. He took the opportunity to tell her to ask her mother to withdraw her complaint, which earned her an additional charge of obstruction of justice.

When the judge asked him if he had anything to say before he handed down the sentence, the inmate claimed he would have several.

I would have liked it so much to make my parents love me that I always resented them. That's all I have to say finally settled for expressing Carl-William Caron.

His lawyer, Me Benoit Labrecque pointed out that his client kept wounds from his childhood inside him, without wanting to specify their nature.

He added that the abuse he may have suffered in his youth did not justify his degrading and unacceptable actions. I'm not proud, blew Caron.

Maybe there was abuse in your childhood, Judge Proulx acknowledged, before adding that she was the one who gave you life.

The 40-year-old has been detained since his arrest, so he has just under two years left to serve.

When his prison sentence expires , he will have to respect the conditions of a three-year probation, during which he will not be able to communicate with his mother.

Caron himself asked to extend this condition to other members of his family with whom he no longer seems to want to have contact.

In another request unusual, he argued that it would even be better if he was no longer allowed to go to Donnacona.

His lawyer is& #x27;is shown to be reluctant in the face of this unusual request, while Judge Proulx noted that Caron thus wanted to waive a constitutional right.

I make the request and I& #x27;like that, insisted Caron, despite the reservations of his lawyer.

The judge granted his request. During his probation, Carl-William Caron will not be allowed to be on Donnacona territory, unless he is traveling on the highway.

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