A brewery flooded with hate messages after Justin Trudeau's passing


A flooded brewery ;e hate messages after the Justin Trudeau passage

Jared Murphy, co-owner and CEO of Lone Oak Microbrewery, chats with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his visit to Prince Island- Edward.

A microbrewery in Prince Edward Island has removed photos of Justin Trudeau from its social media pages after an avalanche of hateful comments.

The Prime Minister of Canada was in Prince Edward Island last Friday to meet people from the community. The politician had lunch at the Lone Oak microbrewery during the day.

The photos of the staff of this establishment with the politician were published on social networks and aroused discontent among some users of these platforms.

Many comments were extremely negative and sometimes vulgar, prompting the establishment's management to remove the photos, according to Jared Murphy, co-owner and CEO of this microbrewery.

Threats against the brewery are among comments.

“Within hours, we received thousands of comments, hundreds of private messages and phone calls to the brewery.

— Jared Murphy, Co-Owner and CEO, Lone Oak Microbrewery

According to Jared Murphy, the campaign against his establishment has yet to have an effect on traffic.

He nevertheless deplores the fact that the evaluation rating of his company on social networks has dropped dramatically since the passage of Justin Trudeau.

It could have a negative impact on our business, which is really very disappointing to see, he adds.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with families at a park in Stratford, a suburb of Charlottetown, Friday, July 22, 2022.

Yet Liberal MP for Malpeque, Heath MacDonald, explains that the purpose of the Prime Minister's visit was to help a small business.

The microbrewery only opened its doors in mid-May.

For Charlottetown MP Sean Casey, the owners of the Lone Oak microbrewery have been victims of a well-known phenomenon for several years.

“It's a sign of the situation in our society and the polarization of views.

— Sean Casey, Liberal MP

Negative comments towards Justin Trudeau are nothing new, according to this Liberal MP.

We see almost daily on social networks the hatred that is directed towards the Prime Minister, he adds.

According to Sean Casey, however, this is the first time such a situation has occurred in the Atlantic provinces.

Charlottetown MP Sean Casey warns that the office of the Prime Minister of Canada has to deal with hateful comments every day (archives).

The federal deputy recognizes that part of the population could be dissatisfied with the management of Justin Trudeau at the moment, in particular because of the high inflation rate in Prince Edward Island, the highest in the country.

There is a desire to blame him for international problems that also hit Canada, including inflation, for example, explains Sean Casey.

Nevertheless, this situation does not justify these hateful remarks, he says.

It is not logical, but it is very easy to blame a single person who 'we don't like it for all the problems we have, specifies the Liberal MP, stressing that the office of the Prime Minister of Canada must deal with this type of situation, in particular the circulation of false news about the politician.

With information from Wayne Thibaudeau, CBC


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