A British Columbian allegedly threatened to kill a CNN presenter

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A British Columbian allegedly threatened a CNN presenter with death

CNN anchor Erin Burnett during a 2020 Democratic primary debate.

Police recommend indictment of a British Columbian who allegedly mounted a vitriolic online campaign, including death threats, against famous CNN anchor Erin Burnett and his family in New York.

He also allegedly threatened the staff of the news channel.

According to court documents, the FBI, the US federal police, along with New York police and Interpol contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with concerns about a Surrey resident who allegedly uttered these words. threats for several months.

His identity is not disclosed, as he is not the subject of charges.

The man was arrested and conditionally released in July. The British Columbia Prosecution Service says his case is under review.

The investigation is detailed in a copy of an information document sworn to obtain a search warrant at the man's home in July. According to the document, the man somehow believed he was protected due to the pervasive nature of internet abuse.

I'm fuming like everyone else. I'm not a credible threat, the man reportedly told investigators. I don't know if I can be charged for cursing the internet like everyone else.

According to the search warrant, the RCMP first received a complaint about the man in May 2021, initiated by an email from Google and sent to Interpol Washington.

In this email, Google also provided information associated with an account from which comments and examples of threats were posted on YouTube.

It's the middle of the day and all I can think about is how badly I want to kill Erin Burnett and her family, one of the comments.

I'll go after as many CNN employees as I can, reads another.

The documents indicate that Interpol Washington sent an urgent request to the RCMP's Domestic and Foreign Liaison Unit to conduct an investigation.

According to the search warrant, the man claims he would do absolutely no harm to himself or anyone else and that he did not threaten any CNN reporters.

In March 2022, police returned to the man's apartment after the FBI contacted the RCMP to report a YouTube user threatening to commit murder mass at CNN headquarters in New York.

RCMP spoke again with man who allegedly said he did not pose a credible threat.< /p>

BC man suspected of making online threats against CNN anchor .

In late June, New York City police contacted the RCMP after receiving a complaint from John Teehan, director of executive protection and special events for Warner Brothers Discovery, the company that owns CNN.


John Teehan claims that Erin Burnett had been subjected to multiple threats from a handful of Twitter accounts that all appeared to be run by the same user.

Court documents say the man may be suffering from a possible brain injury and mental health issues, but police have determined he does not meet the criteria for #x27;charged under the Mental Health Act.

YouTube and Twitter have both suspended accounts run by this man.

The search warrant resulted in the search and seizure of the man's electronic devices.

The RCMP have since completed their investigation and forwarded a charge recommendation to the Crown.

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