A car crashed into a group of schoolchildren in a London suburb, killed 12-year-old child (PHOTO)

Автомобиль протаранил группу школьников в пригороде Лондона, погиб 12-летний ребенок (ФОТО)

The car drove into a group of schoolchildren in the British County of Essex, killed 12-year-old boy, six people were injured. The accident occurred in the city of Lawton 15:20 local time, the end of classes in schools. Silver Ford KA did not stop and fled the scene. Police believe the collision intentional, criminal homicide.

The deceased boy was a student at Willingale road, near which there was hitting. There are learning of the affected children. As reported in Facebook the police of Essex, suffered five children aged 12, 13, 15 and 16, and 23-year-old girl. One of the injured teen told the BBC that the car hit them on the sidewalk and, apparently, intentionally. The boy heard behind the sound of the gaining momentum of the engine, then the car crashed into a group of schoolchildren.

Police called the incident shocking and asked the other drivers record with their DVRs. Wanted was announced the car with dents in the front and 51-year-old Terry Glover, a suspect of involvement in another incident nearby. Later, the police announced the arrest of 51-year-old resident of Lawton, without mentioning his name.

He was arrested on suspicion of murder, six offences of attempted murder, one offence of causing death by dangerous driving, the six crimes that resulted in serious bodily injury while driving, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without insurance.

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