A cat in the apartment: disadvantages of the life of a pet


May 20, 2019, 22:22 | Animals

Problems that can be faced by the owner of an animal living in an apartment.

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When it comes to keeping a cat, most owners come to the conclusion that it is most profitable to keep it in a limited space without going outside. If walking is allowed, then only on a leash and under the control of the owner. This method of keeping reduces to a minimum or even to zero the threats that can lie in wait for the cat on the street and provides it with much greater safety, informs Ukr.Media.

"Apartments" cats get sick much less, are almost not prone to injuries, almost never become victims of accidents and live almost twice as long as their "walking" siblings.

But at the same time, despite all the advantages of closed housing, it often conflicts with the individual needs of the pet. Below you can see some of the problems that the owner of the animal may face.

Since the cat does not go anywhere, it does not need to go around the territory every day, checking its integrity, it does not climb trees and does not attack anyone. hunts, in a word, her motor activity is noticeably less than that of cats that go outside the house. There is no certain criterion for determining the ideal weight of cats of all breeds.

Due to a passive lifestyle, the cat has weaker muscles

All this can also lead to problems with excess weight. However, fat deposits alone are not the end of the matter, as they very often lead to various serious diseases, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Very often, cats living under a lock become overly sensitive to any changes in their lives that they have to face. Whatever new thing happens on the territory, they are very often unable to get used to the new object, regardless of whether it is smells, objects or people. Because of this, an attempt to get another animal can face a number of problems.

A guest who sometimes entered the house becomes the object of the animal's rage or fear


If the apartment is large enough, the cat can hide, but if it escapes, the owner may have to listen to the cat's screams for a long time. When a cat lives alone in a confined space and sees almost no one except its owner, it gets used to the fact that he is the only one it can count on, because only he provides it with food, care, games, communication and entertainment.

Careful sharpening of claws often leads to damage to carpets and furniture. In addition, this is not all, because cats, wanting to release the energy that has accumulated under the lock, sometimes start throwing everything they can on the floor, pacing around the house as if stunned. Cleaning the trays is not the most terrible, but a routine duty that the owner will have to get acquainted with if his pet does not go outside the apartment.

With the appearance in cat's house, you will have to develop a whole list of rules of behavior that apply not only to the pet, but also to yourself

For example, windows and doors in the house must always be closed, or provided with strong protective metal nets (mosquito screens are not suitable, because they cannot restrain a really active cat attack). If there are children in the house, you will have to explain these rules to them too. In addition, there are still a lot of rules that will have to be followed regularly regardless of whether the cat goes outside or not: combing, feeding every hour, checking eyes, ears, brushing teeth, etc.

The fact that a cat is domestic and does not explore the surrounding area does not mean that it has completely lost its investigative spirit. In fact, if she is even a little bit active (and a good owner should make sure that the animal preserves this quality), then she necessarily examines every corner, every crevice, which a cat walking on the street could at all not to pay attention.

In general, curiosity combined with boredom is a rather dangerous mixture

Unstable racks, exposed wires, various holes, detergents and medicines, toilets and washing machines are a very real threat to the life and health of an interesting pet. In addition, cats very often tend to chew plant leaves and grass while walking on the street. And if they do not have the opportunity to go for a walk, then it is quite possible that they will begin to absorb parts of domestic plants, among which poisonous plants of various degrees of toxicity are very often found. Based on this, we can say that the greatest danger for a cat living in a house is represented by the following:

– dangerous products or medicinal products;

– poisonous indoor plants;

– places that represent a potential danger for adult cats and especially for kittens.

Since cats that live alone have no experience of orientation and survival in conditions close to natural ones, they can simply lose their orientation in space when they find themselves on the street. Such a cat can be lost for a long time or completely. In addition, being out on the street, in an unfamiliar environment, she can (and most likely will) be under a lot of stress.

If the cat happens to come into contact with other animals or an aggressive person, the cat can get stuck in a corner from where it will not soon get out or climb a tree from which it will not be able to climb. If this happens in the cold, such a situation can lead to serious consequences for the cat's health (injuries, frostbite, etc.) and even death. One of the main problems faced by owners of cats living in captivity is that their pet does not have the opportunity to realize its natural needs. A cat, regardless of gender and age, is a natural hunter and, being in a confined space, can simply fall into apathy or depression.

So that the cat does not wither, add variety to the life of the pet not only with the help of treats, but also with various games and toys

For example, both adult cats and kittens really like houses made of newspapers, paper bags , cardboard boxes. Even if there are no play complexes for cats in the house, with the help of these means you can convince the pet to have fun. Of course, if the owner takes care of the presence of balls or a fishing rod, it will definitely benefit the cat.

When a cat lives in a closed space, it can become a victim of psychological problems, which are connected with the fact that it does not have the opportunity to express its instinctive needs in a natural way.

If the owner has decided that he will keep his cat at home, it is better for him to take not one kitten, but two at once

Thanks to this, each of them will get a companion for games and more. The owner will get rid of a lot of problems, and at the same time, from the feeling of guilt towards his pets. He will be able to calmly go to work, without fear that his cats will be bored. In addition, he will no longer have to adapt his schedule to the need to play with the cat, since he will always be able to "insure" one of the kittens.

Before buying a kitten, you need to make sure that outsiders regularly enter the house, and the pet's life will not be too monotonous. Kittens get used to any conditions very quickly, therefore, if their entire life will be limited to the person of the owner and two rooms, it is advisable to take care in advance that new objects, animals and people regularly enter this world. Since young animals can cause damage to things and furniture, you should prepare for this in advance so that you do not have to be too upset later. You should also put away in a safe place in advance all the more or less valuable items that the pet can knock on the floor.

Since cats need a "claw" the activity they carry out on the street, sharpening their weapons against trees, fences, etc., then you need to immediately purchase at least one, and preferably several, structures for turning claws in the house, so that you do not have to see later how the cat will do it from a leather sofa. Lazy pets need to be forced to move more, or they will become petrified and die prematurely.

Plant different varieties of cat grass in a shallow container

This will not only distract the animal from dangerous indoor plants (the most poisonous of which should be removed altogether), but will also improve the cat's digestion. Care should be taken to ensure that the pet is completely safe, as curious kittens can penetrate even the smallest openings. You should also take care of good nets/grills on the windows and convince your household members to close the doors. If there is such an opportunity, you can arrange a fenced aviary outside, in which the cat could enjoy relative freedom without coming into contact with other animals.


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