A century-old woman surprised everyone. Incredible what he can do


The centenarian regularly takes part in fitness classes.

A century-old woman surprised It's unbelievable what she can do

According to the portal” Wirtualna Polska “, the centenarian regularly takes part in fitness classes, and its form may surprise people younger than her by decades. Edna Sheppard appears in training three times a week. Her exploits are impressive.

A centenarian still physically active

Many people decrease their professional activity with age, which is related not only to natural limitations and diseases, but also to the stereotype that at a certain age they simply do not it is good to go to the gym. This myth is dealt with by Edna Sheppard, who even at the age of 100 regularly appears in fitness.

Edna has been going to the gym regularly for 4 decades and her performance will impress anyone who sees her in action. It is not a problem for her to do push-ups, squats with a barbell, or quite a demanding plank. During her training, she also performs exercises with a load of up to 5 kilograms.

Century-old Edna admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail that she tries to be constantly on the move. However, she emphasized that you need to be aware of what you can and cannot afford due to your age.

A century-old woman surprised everyone. Unbelievable what he can do

Not only fitness

Edna started her adventure with fitness quite well, because at the age of 60 years. It was then that she decided to sign up for classes with her husband. It turns out that the vigorous old lady attends not only fitness, but also tai-chi classes, exercises in the gym, and when she is not exercising, she tries to walk as much as possible.

There are weeks when & oacute she trains not three, but even five days a week. Edna's sports activities can be seen in the video below.

Edna impressed you too?


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