A cheeky nickname for Prince George. How classmates call the great-grandson of Elizabeth II


    Prince George's cheeky nickname. How classmates call the great-grandson of Elizabeth II

    Prince George's friends have come up with a funny nickname that even his parents are said to use.

    Prince George, 9, is third in line to the British throne. Already this summer, he actively fulfilled the duties of a member of the royal family, taking part in key events, and Queen Elizabeth II, during her Platinum Jubilee of her reign, presented her great-grandson, along with Prince William and Prince Charles, as the future of the monarchy.

    However, not for everyone who surrounds the prince understands how to call him in everyday life. George's classmates must have a hard time figuring out how to address him – should they call the heir to the British throne by his first name or should he be addressed as Your Royal Highness?

    According to The Mirror, the children of Thomas Battersea School in southwest London managed to find a way out of a difficult situation and came up with a funny nickname for the great-grandson of Elizabeth II, which even his parents liked. Classmates call the young prince “PG” because of his initials “Prince George”.

    It is said that this nickname has become so popular that even at home his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, began to call George “PG “, and also “Tips” – the prince received this nickname additionally, in honor of the famous British tea brand PG Tips.

    The school nickname of the great-grandson of Elizabeth II is actually different from royal protocol. Traditionally, members of the royal family use their parent's title as their surname during their studies. Prince George is known to his classmates and teachers as George Cambridge, and his younger brother and sister are known as Charlotte Cambridge and Louis Cambridge.

    Prince William and Prince Harry adhered to this tradition while studying and serving in the army. They both bore a surname in honor of their father's title of Prince of Wales. And they were known as Harry Wales and William Wales.

    However, Prince George's friends decided to defy tradition and gave the title of Prince George their own meaning.

    As you know, other members of the Cambridge family also have cute nicknames. For example, Charlotte is called Lottie in the family. Kate Middleton calls her husband affectionately “baby”, and he says “darling” to her in response.

    Focus previously wrote about how the year of the eldest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William went who recently turned nine years old.


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