A child was allegedly dragged by a school bus in Ontario

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A child was allegedly dragged by a school bus in Ontario

Derek Tappen says his 5-year-old son William was stuck in the school bus doors.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating allegations that a 5-year-old boy was trapped by the doors of his school bus, which dragged him several feet.

The crash is believed to have occurred Nov. 1 in Mount Pleasant, a small town south of Brantford and west of Toronto.

The alleged facts were captured by the surveillance camera of the child's home, says the father Derek Tappen.

He says he was waiting outside his house for his children to get off the school bus. Her eldest got out safely, but the bus doors appeared to have closed on her second son William's backpack, according to the video.

“I started screaming for the bus to stop. Thank goodness some of the windows were open, otherwise I don't think the driver would have heard me.

— Derek Tappen, boy's father

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According to Mr. Tappen, the driver dragged his son a distance equivalent to the length of the bus before stopping.

Luckily, the little one, who is in kindergarten, only suffered scratches and bruises from being held back by the doors, his dad adds.

“He could have fallen and been crushed by the rear wheels of the bus.

— Derek Tappen, boy's father

The Brant County Division of the OPP confirms that an investigation is underway, but declines to comment at this time on the possibility of charges against the driver.

Carrier Voyago, which owns the school bus, did not respond to CBC's requests for comment.

The Grand Erie School Board says the bus was inspected by a mechanic, who found no problem. The Council also says that it has sent a reminder to its partners regarding caution.

Mr. Tappen says his son has since refused to take the bus; he has to drive her to school.

“He's afraid of doors and he knows there's no has no [safety measures] in place to prevent it from happening again.

— Derek Tappen, father of the boy

Nothing prevents a bag, coat or hoodie from getting stuck between doors, he says, and once they're closed, they're closed.

For her part, activist Nancy Daigneault of School Bus Ontario described the events as “unacceptable and horrible”.

According to her, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the students have finished getting off the bus and check mirrors to make sure no student is near the bus before driving.

Based on information from Cara Nickerson, CBC

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