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A chilling story: Auradou and Jégou, accused of sexual assault in Argentina, overwhelmed by the complainant

The two French internationals from the French rugby team, Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jégou, are still in detention in Argentina and risk a very serious sentence. penalty.

The time for defense has arrived! and it won't be easy. Accused of sexual assault on a woman on the night of Saturday July 6, 2024, Mendoza, on the sidelines of the South American tour of the XV of France and after a big victory against Argentina, Hugo Auradou and Oscar J&eacute ;gou are in turmoil. Arrested é Buenos Aires at the start of the week, hence the team was to fly to Uruguay for a new confrontation, the two young players (20 years old and 21 years old) years) have been é placed in grade à seen then brought back, on July 10, to Mendoza, à more than 1000 kilometers away, during a long journey of ten hours by car.

Above all, Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jégou must now face the public backlash of the plaintiff's lawyer, who has  ;eacute;té unveiling in the press. And the latter is particularly damning. The victim would have suffered  "terrible violence", according to Natacha Romano, who spoke & eacute;e Wednesday July 10 with the AFP. "Gender-based violence is extreme  extremely serious, the degradation is extreme (…). The violence here has been rampant. terrible", she declares.

The story

"It would be a seriously atrocious sexual abuse, with sexual intercourse, with the participation of two people, with violence, for both", always indicates the lawyer. It specifies the process. alleged facts, indicating that her client returned home the hotel with one of the players, “identified as Hugo”. “He immediately grabs her, throws her on the bed, begins to undress her and starts to savagely punch her, the bruise of which is visible on the victim's face. He suffocates her, to the point that she feels like she is leaving”, she continues.

The lawyer claims that Oscar Jegou, who arrived an hour later in the room, committed "the same acts of violence and sexual abuse""Then, this individual goes to take a bath, and Hugo continues to use her, giving her different blows. That is to say that she [has traces] bites, scratches, blows on the breasts, legs and ribs marked on the back", d& The lawyer adds, who also claims that the victim tried to kill her. to escape "at least five times", in vain.& nbsp;

A contested version

"Witnesses saw her leave [from the' hotel], the cameras saw her leaving, there are no traces of beatings, apparently, according to the recordings. She claims to have been beaten, the cameras say she didn'té", explains the players' lawyer. Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jégou affirm that the relationship was consensual according to the latter.

According to the Attorney General of Mendoza, Daniela Chaler, "the deposition [of the complainant] é was quite long, complete, detailed and corresponded, for the moment, to the medico-legal conclusions". "The injuries are consistent with the victim's story, but not necessarily exclusively the result of sexual assault" , she added.

Several months à several years in prison ?

If the assault is confirmed, the sentence for Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou could vary depending on the seriousness of the acts and whether or not violence was used. The prosecutor stressed the seriousness of the charges, indicating that aggravated sexual abuse is a crime punishable by severe penalties in Argentina. According to Article 119 of the Argentine Penal Code: “Is punishable by imprisonment or detention of 6 months to 4 years anyone who sexually abuses a person […] where there is violence". A sentence that could apply to both players, given the violent facts described by the complainant.

If the case is more serious, the sentence could be 4  … 10 years' imprisonment or reclusion “when the abuse, because of its duration or the circumstances in which it occurred, would have constituted a sexual submission that was seriously undignified for the victim”, such as if the acts were carried out “by two or more persons”. An even heavier sentence of 6 years' imprisonment or reclusion 15 years of seclusion could apply if “there was carnal access by anal, vaginal or oral means or if it was accomplished by other similar acts” “through the introduction of objects or body parts”. Other aggravating circumstances could also extend the sentence to 20 years of imprisonment as indicated by La DéPêche.

Teilor Stone

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