A citizens' initiative demanding drug use rooms is advancing to parliament


The initiative proposes facilities for the use of narcotic drugs in Finland.

Humeiden A citizen's initiative demanding utility rooms will advance to the parliament

In the initiative, it is said that utility rooms will reduce, among other things, the environmental harm caused by drug use. Jenni Nordströ[email protected] at 22:56

The citizens' initiative in favor of controlled facilities for drug users has received more than 50,000 signatures by the deadline.

Therefore the initiative will be sent to parliament for consideration after the declarations of support have been checked.

The citizens' initiative was launched in February. It proposes a field trial of narcotic drugs in Finland, which have been found around the world to, among other things, reduce disorders caused by drug use and environmental harm.

The criminalization of drug use and possession in Finland has made it difficult to start similar trials, and the initiative proposes a legislative change for this.

In the initiative, it is hoped that the social and health committee of the parliament would oblige the ministry to start preparing a law enabling facilities for the use of narcotics.

The initiative had collected more than 50,000 votes on Monday evening. Screenshot from the Kansalaisaaloite.fi website Helsinki wanted to open drug use rooms already in 2018 – ex-authority downloads: Krista Kiuru stalled the project February 3, 2022 6:27


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