A clandestine casino dismantled in Longueuil

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A clandestine casino dismantled; in Longueuil

The dismantling of an underground casino constitutes an intervention “extremely rare”, underlines the SPAL.

Luck failed to 12 people – 11 men and 1 woman – who were arrested in an underground casino where the Police Service of the Longueuil agglomeration (SPAL) executed two search warrants on Thursday evening.

The police also seized alcohol that was being sold without a license in this gambling house located at 500, chemin du Coteau-Rouge.

The owner of the clandestine casino, meanwhile, lost his bet to operate a gambling house in the shadows. In total, the SPAL seized $35,147 in cash, alcohol and furnishings.

The SPAL carried out its search Thursday evening.

It was thanks to the information transmitted by witnesses in 2021 that investigations had been initiated at the location of 500, boulevard Sainte-Foy (today Chemin du Coteau-Rouge) in Longueuil, indicated the SPAL on social networks.

Initially, the denunciation was related to the health measures that were in force in the Longueuil region in April 2021, in this case covers the – fire from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., indicates a SPAL press officer reached by telephone on Friday.

At that time, an initial intervention by SPAL revealed the presence of 9 people on the premises, poker tables and a sufficient quantity of alcohol to suspect it was being sold without a license, the Facebook post reads.

The investigation continued on the Internet, the SPAL ensured the monitoring of a website promoting tournaments and events related to the game of poker.

Since September 2022, several investigative steps have demonstrated the criminal aspect related to the holding of a gambling and betting house as well as the criminal aspect related to the possession and sale of alcohol without a license, explains the SPAL on Facebook.

  • Owning a gambling or betting house;
  • Being in a gambling house or one that tolerates gambling;
  • Illegally keeping alcoholic beverages in a business;
  • Selling alcoholic beverages without a permit;
  • Being in a place where drinks are sold without a license.

The dismantling of a clandestine casino constitutes an extremely rare police intervention, underlines the press relation of SPAL. Without disclosing precise statistics on this subject, the head of the media affirms that one can count on the fingers of one hand this kind of operations carried out by the SPAL.

Given this rarity, the publicist affirms that the SPAL does not really have time to develop an expertise in dismantling clandestine gambling houses.

This has not prevented all the staff involved, including the Concerted Actions team to counter underground economies (ACCES Alcohol) of the SPAL, to carry out this operation, underlines the publicist.

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