A class action authorized against Google in Quebec


A class action authorized against Google in Quebec

It is enough to have used the Google search engine in the last five years to be able to register for the class action.

Quebecers who have been browsing the web since 2017 could receive money from Google: a class action lawsuit led by Option consommateurs against the web giant recently received the green light from the Superior Court.

The non-profit association Option consommateurs criticizes Google for collecting data from Internet users who use or visit its web services, without having obtained sufficient prior consent.

We also blame the multinational for not respecting the “Do Not Track” signal. web browsers and suggest that the browser's incognito mode allows you to browse the web confidentially, can we read in the press release.

“The Google's business model is based on the continuous collection of personal information from Internet users in almost every corner of the web. »

— Alexandre Plourde, lawyer and analyst at Option consommateurs

Google is able to track the activities of Internet users, often without their knowledge, on nearly 90% of the websites they visit, the lawyer added in a press release.

People who can register for this remedy are those who have used since June 22, 2017 the Google search engine, Google Maps tools, Analytics, Ad Manager or other services offered by the web giant which do not require the creation of an account. Even Internet users who have already pressed the Sign in with Google button can become members of the class action.

Option consommateurs demands that the company reimburse the value of the personal data collected, in addition to demanding the payment of $50 million in punitive damages. However, the association does not specify the amount that each Internet user could receive.

To register for the class action, go to the Belleau Lapointe website, which represents the folder.


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