A cleaning method that will make a dirty pan look like new


    June 25, 2022, 10:06 | Science and technology

    The Soviet way of cleaning.

    A cleaning method that will make a dirty pan look like new< /p>

    Sooner or later, any dish becomes so dirty that it is impossible to wash it with "traditional" methods using a sponge, scraper and store-bought detergent is no longer possible. This especially applies to all kinds of pots and pans that are constantly in contact with fat and sudden temperature changes, informs Ukr.Media.

    Few people know, but in fact, it is not so difficult to wash a dirty pan until it shines. True, you will have to get something.

    Nothing catches the eye in the kitchen like a dirty frying pan! But sooner or later, detergents and ordinary sponges become powerless against soot. Even a good old metal sponge does not help in such a situation. No matter how many, the dirt turns out to be stronger. And if the situation has already developed in this way, then now it will be necessary to let the “grandmother” into the matter. recipes from the past.

    So, to clean the pan, we will need the following things: soda ash – 300 grams, silicate glue – 1 glass, vegetable oil – 1 glass, laundry soap – 1 piece. You also need some kind of large boiling container, big enough to hold dirty dishes. In our case, it's a frying pan. We proceed directly to the cleaning process.

    We take our clean, empty container and fill it with water to 2/3 of the volume. Throw all the listed ingredients into the tank. It will not be superfluous to crumble the household soap into pieces or pass it through a grater. We bring the liquid to a boil, constantly stirring the contents of the pan. Be sure to make sure that the laundry soap has dissolved. When the solution boils, we place our pan (or any other similar dish) in it, after which we start to “cook” it. We wait 5-7 minutes, then take out the pan and try to wipe off the fat. If it does not slide by itself, then cook the dishes for another 5-10 minutes, and then check again. And so to the winner. The fat will peel off easily.


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