A code of conduct for the food industry should soon see the light of day

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A code of conduct for the food industry should soon see the light of day

This code of conduct between food retailers and their suppliers would soon see the light of day according to the federal and provincial ministers of agriculture.

A few months after the development of a code of conduct between food retailers and their suppliers, this instrument should officially see the light of day soon in order to ensure more fairness between producers, suppliers and large food chains.


Professor in the Department of Food Economics and Consumer Sciences at Laval University, Maurice Doyon recalls the importance of such a code, particularly in an economic context marked by the inflation and rising food prices.

This code targets the relationship between retailers and their suppliers, but it is in particular the concept of the food chain that is targeted in this code , he explained on Wednesday on the show Le 6 at 9

Professor Maurice Doyon in interview with Patricia Bitu Tshikudi

The creation of this code is a Quebec initiative at now joined by Ottawa and the Canadian provinces, including Manitoba.

A similar code of conduct exists in Great Britain. But Ottawa could do things differently, according to Mr. Doyon.

 In Canada, we propose a voluntary approach, because we have interesting mechanisms that could help it work properly , specifies- he.

He indicates that this code of conduct aims to establish  clearer rules between the major grocery chains in Canada and their suppliers in order to protect agri-food producers .< /p>

Maurice Doyon believes that the Canadian model  remains better than that of the British. If it doesn't work, we could simply add consequences.

The agri-food economics specialist points out that companies like Costco and Walmart that sell general merchandise in addition to food, unlike specialty food retailers,  can afford extremely thin margins on food because they have 10 times larger margins on the rest of their merchandise.

In a virtual meeting on January 13, federal and provincial ministers of agriculture congratulated  the entire agri-food industry for the progress made in developing the first-ever code conduct of grocery stores in Canada , reads a press release from the federal Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

Ottawa believes that by improving transparency, predictability and fairness,  this code will help build the resilience of the Canadian food supply chain .

For his part, Manitoba Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson said that  the consumers in Manitoba and across the country deserve more transparency and predictability when it comes to retail food prices. be fair in Canada's supply chain,” he added. .

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