“A complete disaster”: the Humiliating maid of honor speech at the wedding shocked the guests and ruined a long friendship

«Полная катастрофа»: Унизительная речь подружки невесты на свадьбе шокировала гостей и разрушила многолетнюю дружбу

“A complete disaster”: the Humiliating maid of honor speech at the wedding shocked the guests and ruined the years of friendship Author: Anastasia of Bielsko viral post US news wedding

The best way to ruin a long friendship? Of course, to say a wedding speech, put the bride in a bad light, and then declare that you are the injured party.

As told one of the members of the Reddit group bridezillas, recently on the wedding of her friend there was an unpleasant incident. The birthday girl asked her best friend, which speaks for about 12 years and be a bridesmaid — but I didn’t expect that she will want to be in the spotlight in the big day.

According to the author of the post, bridesmaid insanely spoiled and almost always unbearable to deal with, but before the ceremony, things were even worse than usual. Female “hysterics” in the morning and resented the fact that she’s not the focus — and finally the situation worsened when she wanted to give a speech during the gala dinner.

“Of course, it was a complete failure. — wrote a guest — Friend of the bride beginning her story that they have been friends for 12 years — but could be friends much longer. Like, she wanted to communicate before, but the bride with friends constantly mocked. Then she told me about how he asked the bride look fat in jeans, she replied “Yes” and she realized that she wanted to be her friend”.

The story has made the present impression, but not the best. According to the author of the post, everyone was in complete shock of what “creepy bitch” seemed to be the bride of story girlfriend — however, the fun was just beginning.

“Then she started talking about how she twice tried to leave the guy even though it had nothing to do with the wedding, <…> and the guy sat there and was completely red in shame. <…> Of the bride it is never anything good and never said, just talked about it filth at the beginning of the speech, and then dragged the blanket over himself.”

Most surprising, — said the guest, that the next day all long-term friendship came to an end, but not because of the monstrous behavior of women. The bridesmaid herself broke, offended due to the fact that the birthday girl did not appreciate it “in dignity“.

The post instantly became viral with over 1 thousand likes, however, caused the commentators are quite controversial. While some judged “mentally unstable” bridesmaids, others felt that happened to have wine and the bride.

“This friend is clearly crazy. — said one of the commentators — it’s Hard to imagine why anyone would be friends with her”.

“The bride seems extremely weak-willed person. — object next — I have not even sorry. She decided to communicate with this woman, and then another and made her a bridesmaid. No-one forced her. She knew what her friend”.

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