A court for victims of domestic violence in Montmagny


A court for victims of domestic violence in Montmagny

Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette was in Montmagny to launch the pilot project for a court specializing in sexual violence and domestic violence.

It's now Montmagny's turn to obtain its specialized court for sexual violence and domestic violence. Minister Jolin-Barrette was at the courthouse on Wednesday to launch the pilot project.

This is the eighth court of its kind to open in the province. Among other things, the project relies on spaces that are better suited to victims, allowing them to move around without meeting the accused person.

We want to send a message of confidence to victims that, at the time where they will be ready to denounce the criminal offense they have suffered, the State will be there to support them, explained the minister at a press conference.

We want to avoid that the judicial process constitutes an obstacle course for her, he added.

  • improving the spaces within the courthouse with a view to making them safer and more secure for the victim and to allow him to circulate without meeting the accused person;
  • laying out a room intended for the victim;
  • access to testimonial aids, such as screens and video conferencing rooms

Source: Department of Justice

Present at the announcement, the mayor of Montmagny was delighted with the selection of his city's courthouse for the pilot project of the Ministry of Justice.

We are very proud to participate in this project thanks to which, hopefully, victims will no longer be afraid to report, said Marc Laurin.

With information from Colin Côté-Paulette


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