A craft market to celebrate the cultures of indigenous peoples


A craft market to celebrate the cultures of indigenous peoples

This initiative raises community awareness of the issues of these peoples.

The end of June marks the end of National Indigenous History Month. In Ottawa, a craft market has opened in the Westboro neighborhood to celebrate First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures.

For these artisans to display and sell their creations, it's first and foremost a matter of pride.

It's important to me. For a long time, the Aboriginals, we lost our chance to share everything we learned, explains Rachel Thériault.

For Rachel Thériault, it is very important to pass on what she has learned.

“Now that we can share this, it warms the heart.

—Rachel Thériault, Artisan

Indigenous Outdoor Market founder Gareth Davies calls his first outfit a success. On the other hand, according to him, it would be necessary to find more initiatives like this one.

There needs to be more space for Indigenous creators, artisans and culture, says Davies, who also owns the Maker House.

Founder of the Aboriginal Outdoor Market, Gareth Davies

Mr. Davies' wish is shared by several artisans.

I think there is a long way to go for reconciliation, says Tamara Takpannie. She believes that in an effort to reconcile, Indigenous heritage should be celebrated year-round, not just during National Indigenous History Month.

Tamara Takpannie is an Inuk artist.

What encourages me is that in Ottawa schools, we recognize the real history of Canada, adds another craftswoman, Jolene Dione.

“It is important that people understand and be aware of this to develop an awareness . »

— Crystal Semaganis, artisan

For Crystal Semaganis, indigenous issues and our contribution to society should be better recognized, she claims.

Interview with young Anishinaabe and Franco-Ontarian artist from Ottawa, Makhena Rankin-Guérin, on her hopes and expectations on the show Les matins from here

Based on information from Camille Kasisi-Monet


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