A disturbing phenomenon appeared in one of the provinces. What exactly are we talking about

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Condensation funnels appeared over several towns in Poland

 A disturbing phenomenon appeared over one of the voivodships. Dztw. What exactly is it talking about

had the opportunity to see quite an unusual phenomenon. In the sky, one could see a condensation funnel, which was the germ of a whirlwind. You could see them, among others, in the villages of the commune of Długołęka.

A whirlwind nucleus over Lower Silesia

According to the information published by Sieć Łowc & oacute; in Burz, the condensation funnel was established on Saturday, September 10, around 3:20 pm in Wrocław. Interestingly, the funnel observed over the capital of Lower Silesia was not the only one that could be observed that day. It did not come into contact with the earth's surface.

The condensation funnel is a phenomenon that testifies to the existence of a vortex, of varying strength. It is created as a result of the differential pressure between its inner and inner sides. If the condensation funnel comes into contact with the surface of the earth (or water), we are talking about a tornado or a tornado. a cloud, as with the surface of the Earth. Depending on the strength of the wind, a whirlwind can lead to more or less damage – it can damage building components, tear them off and throw them away.

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