A disturbing phenomenon appeared in the Polish sky. Internet users determined what we are dealing with. What was that


Are the shapes seen yesterday a spaceship?

 A disturbing phenomenon appeared in the Polish sky. Internet users determined what we were dealing with. What was

On Wednesday, July 13, the media social media was flooded with photos and videos of a disturbing phenomenon resembling an unidentified flying object.

Disturbing cloud shapes all over Poland. What does this mean?

Stormhunters South & ndash; Małopolskie and Śląskie, the people who run their website on Facebook decided to answer the question of what they saw in the sky yesterday in every corner of Poland. around the world.

The most spectacular and spectacular anomalies that people collectively photograph or record find their explanation in science practically at the speed of light. The strange shape of the cloud, as well as the unprecedented colors of the sky, more and more disturb the inhabitants of the Earth, because many of us in the world are simply not scientists, astronomy or meteorologists to be able to explain disturbing phenomena seen for the first time in our lives.

By asking experts about the origins and causes of bizarre shapes in the sky, we rely on their competence, knowledge and truthfulness. Storm Hunters, asked in large numbers about the bizarre UFOs seen yesterday across Poland, decided to calm the frightened Internet users – What an interesting morning ❗ You report to us with fear that the “UFO” appeared over the mountains. Well, you had the opportunity to see a beautifully formed solitary lenticular cloud (the so-called Altocumulus Lenticularis) 🙂 – experts explain.

Have you also seen similar clouds at home?


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