A documentary film about Mariupol was filmed in Ukraine


A documentary about Mariupol was filmed in Ukraine

Ukrainian war on behalf of ordinary people who spent the first month of the invasion in Mariupol.

The Association of Ukrainian Producers has completed work on the documentary Mariupol. Unlost hope. You can watch the trailer of the film on Youtube.

The plot will be based on the story of ordinary Mariupol residents who have been living in the city since the beginning of the full-scale war.

“Everything that is happening now should not have happened in the 21st century. I want people to understand the absurdity of the situation and feel that thousands are dying because of the malice, cruelty and hatred of the Russian occupiers. It is important for me that every crime of the Russian occupiers be recorded, and they will answer for everything,” the journalist said Nadezhda Sukhorukova.

At the same time, the filmmakers noted that it would not contain scary shots, and only five citizens from Mariupol would talk about their experiences of life inside the war.

“We don't have voice-over, staged shots, no narrative. This is a film-the truth of peaceful citizens inside the war. They tell simply and without fear that they saw, how they felt what was happening to them. Imagine, for several weeks there was a systematic destruction of a half-million city. we didn’t put scary shots, although we had them, because we didn’t want emotional escalation,” said the director of the film, Maxim Litvinov.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for the end of August.

Previously reported, that the Ukrainian film Mother of the Apostles received the main award of the Asia Film Art International Film Festival in Hong Kong.


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