A dog teaches a frightened younger brother to swim in the ocean


July 17, 2022, 20:03 | Animals

The dog helped the puppy overcome his fear and learn to swim.

Dog teaches scared younger brother to swim in the ocean

Many dogs, seeing a lake, sea or small pond for the first time in their life, immediately rush into it and start swimming like a pro. But some are afraid of water and sometimes do not even want to wet their paws in this strange thing. The puppy named Jeffrey was also afraid to approach the water, but his older brother Kevin helped him overcome his fear and learn to swim, Ukr.Media informs.

When Jeffrey and Kevin, along with their owners and two furry friends, went to the ocean, the puppy timidly strolled along the beach while the others happily splashed in the water. He wanted to join his friends and brother, but he was too afraid.

Then Kevin decided to help the kid. The dog showed Geoffrey that there is nothing dangerous in the water, and he believed his big brother.

"When Geoffrey saw Kevin confidently throw himself directly into the water, he realized that it was not scary. The next thing I remember is Jeffrey swimming next to Kevin chasing a tennis ball. It was so nice to watch,' said Alice Gorney, Jeffrey and Kevin's host.


The puppy quickly got used to the taste and began to bathe with great pleasure. Jeffrey now happily jumps in the water with his brother and they recently attended a dog party by the pool where they had a great time.

"Jeffrey has grown to love the water and is so funny and confident. He loves his brother Kevin very much and Kevin loves him. When I see them playing together, I feel so happy,' said Alice.


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