A famous actress who starred in one of the most popular comedy series has passed away. We express sympathy from all over the world

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Josephine Tewson, who is most remembered by viewers from “What Will People Say?”

 A famous actress who starred in one of the most popular comedy series has passed away. ; Super Express & rdquo; informed about the death of a famous British actress. Josephine Tewson, who was best known for the series

The artist recently stayed in an artist's home in Denville Hall, London, due to her health and advanced age.

Rich career

Josephine Tewson was born in London in 1931 and initially focused her career on theater. It wasn't until the 1960s that she began to appear on such television programs as “The Charlie Drake Show”. and & ldquo; The Dick Emery Show & rdquo ;.

She was also involved in the radio. She was part of the cast of & ldquo; The Ronnie Corbett Thing & rdquo ;, “The Secret Life of Kenneth Williams & rdquo ;, and & ldquo; Mostly Monkhouse's Bob Monkhouse & rdquo ;.

She gained the greatest fame, however, thanks to the comedy series & ldquo; Co people say & rdquo ;, which was created between 1990 and 1995. She played Elizabeth, the neighbor of the main character, Hyacinth Bukiet.

Later she appeared in the sitcom & ldquo; Babie Lato & rdquo; and created the one-man play & ldquo; Still Keeping Up Appearances? & rdquo ;.

In her private life, she was not very lucky. In 1958 she married Leonard Rossiter, from whom she divorced three years later.

Friends said goodbye to the star. A touching entry was posted, among others, by Carol Challis, wife of actor John Challis, who is also already dead.

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