A fire and clashes in Tehran's main prison

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Human rights groups frequently denounce torture in that prison, which houses many of those considered political prisoners, as well as inmates with dual nationality

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A fire and clashes in the main prison of Tehran

A group of prisoners has caused this Saturday a fire in the main prison of Tehran, which led to a confrontation between the inmates and the security forces of the penitentiary center, media reported Iranian officials.

A security source quoted by the official IRNA agency has indicated that clashes broke out between prisoners and officials at the Evin prison, the largest in Tehra n, where political prisoners are held. The prisoners set fire to the clothing store, which caused a fire and caused the chaos. “Now the situation is completely under control and peace is maintained in the prison,” he added. the source.

The Mizan agency, of the judiciary, has offered a similar version of the events and has added that “the fire has been contained and extinguished” completely. “The police have helped to establish peace in Evin quickly,” this medium has indicated, which has stressed that the conflict was initiated by prisoners convicted of robberies. “The conflict has been brought under control.”

The reformist daily Shargh has reported, for its part, that there have been explosions inside the prison and that the roads of The area has been cut off by the Police.

Activists have shown on social networks videos of the prison in which a large fire was observed and shots and explosions were heard. Cries of “death to the dictator” were also heard, referring to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Iran's key prison

Evin prison, located in western Tehran, has an area of ​​40 hectares and some of its modules are controlled by the Judiciary, while others report to the Ministry of Intelligence and the Intelligence Corps of the Guardians of the Revolution.

Human rights groups frequently denounce torture in that prison, which houses numerous of those considered political prisoners, as well as as well as inmates with dual nationality.

The conflict erupts amid the protests unleashed by the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, on September 16 after being arrested three days earlier for The so-called morality police in Tehran for considering that she was wearing the Islamic veil in the wrong way.

Since the death of the young Kurdish woman, protests have taken place in numerous cities in the country. ;s carried out mainly by young people, and that are being strongly repressed by the security forces.

The NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Oslo, has registered 108 dead, including 23 minors, between 11 and 17 years old.