A first climbing festival in Pointe-à-la-Croix


A first climbing festival at Pointe-à-la-Croix

A climbing lover goes climbing abseiling on a cliff at Pointe-à-la-Croix.

To mark the opening of its new climbing site in Baie au Chêne, the climbing center Le Bloc de l'Est is holding the first edition of the Festival d' the cross. Dozens of participants answered the call on Saturday.

Over two days, the event offers enthusiasts introductory sessions in rock climbing, a lecture, a film screening as well as yoga, Pilates and rope dancing.

A man practices rock climbing during the first Festival of Pointe-à-la-Croix climbing.

The Bloc de l'Est managed to inaugurate the site after two years of efforts to affiliate it with the Fédération québécoise de montagne et d'escalade (FQME). The group currently has 80 rock climbing sites across Quebec.

Amateurs were able to learn more about rock climbing.

< p class="e-p">The goal is really to initiate people, because there are not many people who climb here. [We also wanted] to invite those who are already climbing to come and try the site, explains the organizer of the festival and president of the Bloc de l'Est, Guillaume Arbour.

Guillaume Arbour, president of the Bloc de l'Est, the organization behind the Pointe-à-la-Croix Climbing Festival.

The potential for climbing was really good [on the site of Baie au Chêne], the rock is of good quality and it is really interesting. There is something for all levels, beginners and experts. I think there's something for everyone here, says Guillaume Arbour.

Charles St-Louis is the director of outdoor sites for the Fédération québécoise de montagne et climbing.

The director of outdoor sites of the FQME, Charles St-Louis, specifies that the Gaspésie is not a region recognized for its climbing sites, and this , due to the low quality of the rock.

“It's going to be a smaller site, with quality routes in an area where there are very few of them. It's a find, it will become a jewel of Gaspésie. »

— Charles St-Louis, director of outdoor sites for the Fédération québécoise de montagne et d'escalade

The festival-goers met on site on Saturday agreed with him. Many climbers from all over Quebec have made the trip expressly to discover the place.

Isadora Lacourse was able to learn about climbing thanks to the training courses offered during the first day of the festival. I managed to do the whole wall thanks to all the great volunteers who belay us and give us tips. I'm going to keep doing it, I'm sold now, exclaims the Rimouskoise.

Gabriel Bédard, a climber from Rimouski, came to test for himself- even the new rock climbing site at Baie au Chêne.

I find that surprising. I had the impression that in the Gaspé, it was just crumbly rock, but it's fun to see that there are still sites that can be developed, adds Gabriel Bédard.

Rimouskois is not the only one to have been surprised by the existence of this new climbing wall.

“I was climbing in a gym in Montreal a few weeks ago and I saw posters for it. I was very intrigued because I did not know that there was rock climbing in Gaspésie. »

— Nathan Shaw, climber from Montreal

I had never been to Gaspésie and it allows me to climb. When I usually take a trip, I run after the rock walls, says Gabrielle Legal, who came from Quebec for the occasion.

A woman climber scales a rocky cliff.

Twenty climbing routes have already been set up on the rock face of Pointe-à-la-Croix and fifty should be accessible from here. #x27;by the end of summer.

The first edition of the festival is not over yet, but the organizers are already thinking about the second version as well as x27;to perpetuate the event.

With information from Isabelle Larose

Eastern Quebec, an exceptional territory for rock climbers


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