A first community platform for reporting online fraud is born

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A first community platform for reporting online fraud is born

Online crime has spiked during the pandemic.

Fraud-Alert.ca, a website where Internet users can report suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity online, wants to help Canadians unite against the threat of cyber fraud.

Its creation was officially announced Thursday by the Cyber-Criminology Clinic, an organization founded by Université de Montréal professor Benoît Dupont, holder of the Research Chair in Cybercrime Prevention .

On the platform, Internet users can report potentially criminal activities of various types, ranging from romance fraud to Kijiji scams.

The site provides a space where French-speaking Canadians can share their experiences with fraudsters, as well as report any suspicious activity (on the Internet, websites, apps, email, phone, SMS) they may have encountered, explains Akim Laniel-Lanani, Director of Operations of the Cyber-criminology Clinic, in a press release.

Fraude-Alerte.ca was in a test period since April 2022. Reports and discussions are therefore already online .

There is also a wealth of information with steps to follow to guide Internet users who fall into the trap of a malicious person online.

Victims of online fraud can also report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center da.

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