A first job fair for asylum seekers is held in Montreal

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A first job fair for asylum seekers is held in Montreal

The Job Fair for asylum seekers offers interview opportunities and workshops. In the photo, asylum seekers are questioned by RCMP officers at the Lacolle border crossing. (Archives)

The Government of Quebec and the organization Accueil liaison pour arrives (ALPA) are holding the very first job fair for asylum seekers in Montreal on Tuesday. More than 1,600 of them as well as around 30 employers are taking part.

Such participation is beyond expectations, said Marie- Laure Conan, executive director of the ALPA organization, in an interview on Tuesday at Tout un matin on ICI Première.

This networking day, which place in the east of Montreal, was organized by ALPA at the request of the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity as well as Services Quebec, who are funding the event.< /p>

Among the participating companies, three of them have positioned themselves to support asylum seekers, explained Ms. Conan: the City of Montreal, the National Bank and Metro-Richelieu. These are our three partner ambassadors for this show.

The other employers present at this show come from both the public and private sectors; there are, for example, the MRC de Montmagny, the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l 'Ile-de-Montréal, Amazon or even Couche-Tard.

D& #x27; other employers are there virtually: the Central Quebec School Board, Regroupement des centers de la petite enfance des regions de Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches, IKEA, etc.

Participating asylum seekers come mainly from Haiti, Mexico and Turkey, says ALPA's director. They hold a work permit or are about to get one. While their application is being studied, they have every right to work in Quebec companies.

Up to 60,000 job applicants. x27;asylum enter Canada each year, according to Ms. Conan. In a context of labor shortage, it is very important that we can take advantage of this labor that is available because, yes, they have the right to work in Quebec.

The use of an interactive platform makes it possible to put asylum seekers in contact with companies. This mobile application will allow ALPA to make this professional networking operation sustainable, says Marie-Laure Conan: companies need to have the opportunity to recruit job seekers on an ongoing basis. ;asylum.

ALPA has been offering integration, employment assistance and francization services to immigrants for nearly 40 years: 70% of people who benefit from ALPA services organization speak French,” said Ms. Conan. The other most frequently spoken languages ​​are Spanish and Creole.

The mobile application, used within the framework of the show, makes it possible to illustrate the language choice of the participants, explains the director of ALPA. Thus, employers are matched with candidates based on their language preferences.

In 2021, landed immigrants and permanent residents represented 23% of the population, the highest proportion observed in the country's history, according to Statistics Canada.

Also according to data from the most recent census, more than two-thirds of newcomers have neither French nor English as their mother tongue. However, almost all of them claim to be able to carry on a conversation in either of the two official languages.

People, having transited through the United States and having taken Roxham Road, are intercepted on Canadian soil. (Archives).

Marie-Laure Conan says many of the asylum seekers who use ALPA arrived via Roxham Road. Located in Quebec, this path is taken by many migrants wishing to enter Canada.

Data made public by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and covering a period from June 30 to October 6, 2022, revealed that more than 2,000 refugee claimants, who arrived via Roxham Road, were transferred by the federal government to Ontario. The cost of these transfer operations is estimated at just under $11 million by the IRCC.

This practice has been put in place following repeated requests of Quebec. The government of François Legault has indeed maintained that its services could no longer meet the demand, which has risen sharply since the reopening of Roxham Road in November 2021.

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