A former commander of the Russian mercenary group Wagner goes into exile in Norway after witnessing a massacre of deserters

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A former commander of the Russian mercenary group Wagner goes into exile in Norway after witnessing a massacre of deserters

A ex-commander of the Russian mercenary group Wagner who fought against inUkraineHe has explained that he has fled to Norway and asked for asylum fearing for his life after witnessing the murder and mistreatment of deserting Russian prisoners brought to the front line.

Andrei Medvedev< /strong>, which was joined by She joined the group on July 6, 2022 on a four-month contract, said in a video posted by the rights group Gulagu.net that she had crossed the border into Norway< /strong>before being arrested by the Norwegian police. Medvedev, an orphan who enlisted in the army. He joined the Russian Army and served his term. Serving in prison before joining Wagner, he said he had slipped away from the group after witnessing the murder of captured Wagner deserters .

“I'm afraid I'll die in agony,” Medvedev told Vladimir Osechkin, founder of the rights advocacy group Gulagu.net, which affirmed having helped Medvedev to leave Russia after he addressed the group fearing for his life. Medvedev said that he crossed the border. He crossed the border by climbing over barbed wire fences and eluding a border patrol with dogs, and that he heard the noise. He was shot by guards as he ran through a forest and across thin, brittle ice toward Norway.

Russian-Norwegian border

Norwegian police reported the attack. that a foreign citizen had been detained on the night of Thursday to Friday after illegally crossing the Russian-Norwegian border into the Arcticand that he applied for asylum. His Norwegian lawyer said Medvedev was now in the “Oslo area” but gave no further details.

“The important thing for him (Medvedev) is that the immigration authorities Please clarify their situation as soon as possible,” attorney Brynjulf ​​Risnes told Reuters.

Medvedev had not yet spoken to Norwegian security police and no agreement had been reached for an interview, Risnes said. “I'm sure it will be a question at some point,” Risnes said, declining to answer. He didn't say where Medvedev was fighting in Ukraine. “He says that he has been involved in combat, which according to him were clear combat situations (…) and that he has not been in contact with civilians,” Risnes said.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of WagnerHe said that Medvedev had worked in a Norwegian Wagner unit, but had “mistreated prisoners.” “Be careful, it is very dangerous,” Prigozhin said in a statement released by his spokeswoman. Prigozhin did not refer to in the statement to the allegations of murders or ill-treatment of prisoners.

In interviews with Gulagu , Medvedev declared that he was “unsuccessful.” What did it feel like? discontent after Wagner repeatedly extended his contract without his consent. He said he witnessed the killing and mistreatment of Russian prisoners brought to the front by Wagner.

Medvedev said the losses were heavy. These were raised after Wagner began sending large numbers of prisoners to the front in the second half of 2022. extreme punishments, Medvedev said. He said a man shown in November being executed with a sledgehammer had been part of his unit.