A former lieutenant of the Rizzuto clan accused of extorting clerics

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A former lieutenant of the Rizzuto clan accused of extorting clerics

Laval police yesterday arrested Francisco Del Balso for intimidating and attempting to extort the Saint-Maxime religious community.

Francisco Del Balso, 52, who once made law and order in organized crime and was one of the clan's lieutenants Rizzuto, was arrested yesterday by Laval police for threatening and attempting to extort a Catholic religious community.

It is with amazement and disbelief that several investigators who fight against organized crime learned the news of the arrest of the mobster by the Laval police at the end of the day yesterday.

Francisco Del Balso after his arrest in Operation Coliseum, in 2006.

The latter would have spent the night in interrogation. He could face charges of threats and extortion.

Del Balso reportedly reported to the Saint-Maxime de Laval religious community, located on Lévesque Boulevard -West. Adjacent to the presbytery, Partage Saint-Maxime, a distribution counter for clothing donated by the public, is hosted by the parish.

This is where the mobster's ex-wife is said to have donated several pieces of clothing where jewelry was left a few years ago.

The ongoing criminal investigation by the Laval police will try to demystify why Francisco Del Balso showed up with the firm intention of claiming the valuables.

A confrontation would then have broken out with the parish priest who came to the rescue of the volunteers of the community organization.

In the premises of Partage Saint-Maxime, no one wanted to comment on the arrest of the Mafioso. The volunteers on site were visibly overwhelmed by this rather unusual situation for an organization that works with the poor.

Francisco del Balso was finally released on a promise to appear, after the x27;analysis of the investigation file by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

In the meantime, he will have to respect a series of conditions, including those not to x27;to approach the religious community nor to get in touch with the members of Partage Saint-Maxime.

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