A funny video with a cat, behind which there is a whole story of willpower and thirst for life


May 21, 2022, 08:31 | Animals

A schoolgirl from England uses a wheel as a centrifuge to train astronauts.

A funny cat video with a whole story of willpower and thirst for life

Sylvie the cat and her owner Joanna Parker live in Uxbridge in Somerset, informs Ukr.Media.

Joanna recently shared the story of her pet:

"Wonderful video of my spinning cat. Silva was diagnosed with a serious illness, and I was advised to put her to sleep. She suffered from severe diaphragmatic hernia. All her internal organs were in the chest cavity, and the intestines were tightly wrapped around the heart and lungs. Fortunately, excellent surgeons were able to move her organs and sew up her diaphragm. But she still couldn't play because her lungs were very underdeveloped.

The woman decided to buy a cat wheel to help the animal improve its physical condition. and strengthen the lungs. Sylvia loved the new exercise machine from the start, although she could only walk for a few seconds and then needed to rest.

«I sincerely believe that the cat knew how close she came to death and was determined as much as possible use the life opportunity given to her. The wheel has become a real passion for her, and she has brought her physical form to such a level that she can now gallop at great speed. The wheel accelerates so much that it goes out of control, as you can see in the video. At 3 years old, she behaves like a kitten, which she could not be in childhood due to health problems. My wonderful cat, who is cherished and loved by our family, makes us laugh every day with his antics. Fortunately, we were able to capture one of them on video!», the hostess writes.


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