A further increase in farm gate milk prices from 1 February 2023

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A further rise in farm gate milk prices from February 1st, 2023

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) is announcing an increase in farm gate milk prices of approximately 2.2% per litre, starting February 1.

Dairy prices milk in Canada are poised to rise again early next year.

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) announced on Tuesday that it has approved an increase in milk prices farm gate milk of approximately 2.2%, or just under 2 cents per litre, effective February 1, 2023.

The crown corporation, which oversees Canada's dairy supply management system, says the increase is based on rising production costs.

The CDC has already approved two price increases in 2022: an increase of 2.5%, or approximately 2 cents per litre, in September and an increase of 8.4%, or 6 cents per litre, in February.

In total, the 12-month farm gate milk price increases amount to approximately 10 cents per litre, or 13.1%.

The CDC's director of policy and economics, Matthew Gaudreau, says the price of milk components is a factor that goes into the retail price of milk. Other factors along the supply chain could affect the price of the final dairy product.

He added that new Farm gate milk prices would become official once approved by provincial authorities.

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