A GaN charger and power strip arrives, the Baseus PowerCombo


    A GaN charger and power strip, the Baseus PowerCombo

    The renowned company Baseushas just put on the market an interesting combo product consisting of an extension cord with a 1.44 meter long cable. As a power strip, it has a traditional plug that is suitable for connecting computers, printers, monitors, lamps, etc. And add charge for multiple devices with two USB-C and two USB ports.

    A different charger

    Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers are gaining ground in the market by being smaller and running cooler than traditional chargers. Baseus provides an advanced solution by combining them with a power strip that allows it to be used with computers and multiple electronic equipment. This slider displays upload speed information so you can use different combinations of ports. It has four ports, with different maximum charging capacities. Type C ports are used to charge computers, mobile phones and tablets. By connecting only one device to one of these ports, we will have the maximum load. By connecting two or more, the power is shared.

    It is a new alternative, both to install on a desktop and to travel.


    < p>The charger strip Baseus 100W GaN was inspired by in need of a power supply at the workbench. Due to the rapid development of technology, the number of electronic devices on the desktop is increasing, starting from basic computer peripherals to wireless chargers for phone, for smart watch and more, which has increased the need for power supply.

    This new power strip features 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A, all four supporting fast charging with up to 100W output rate, and with the addition of AC outlet, which allows you to plug in powerful computers. With this many ports, users have the option to charge a laptop, smartphone, wireless charger, AirPods, and connect a monitor to the AC outlet, all through the a single power strip similar to a charger.

    It is a safe device, equipped with a protection cover to prevent children from putting their fingers, the smart chip provides protection against overcharge, short circuit, overcurrent, overdischarge, overvoltage and overheating. Another thoughtful piece is that the charging ports are isolated from the AC output chamber, keeping away the heat generated from power conversion loss to avoid potential hazards.

    Summary of features

    High-speed charging that is more than enough for computers and tablets or mobiles

    Simultaneous USB-C and USB charging -A, with intelligent power distribution if more than one output is occupied.

    Charger block that saves space. The Baseus PD charger is 40% smaller and 50% lighter than other chargers of the same power. Mini portable design makes the fast charger a good choice for travel and work.

    Advanced GaN+SiC technology: Baseus USB C charger adapter can provide the fastest charging speed for 96% of devices. It maximizes charging efficiency and produces less heat, in a smaller size, and faster.

    That's it! available in the international market.


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