A gas leak is the cause of the explosion of a house in Calgary

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Gas leak believed to be cause of Calgary home explosion

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">The force of the explosion threw debris around, destroying a house and damaging nearby ones.

A natural gas leak is believed to be the cause of a house explosion in a residential neighborhood in Calgary on Monday. Emergency Medical Services transported approximately 10 people to hospital, six of them in critical condition.

It is fair to say that we suspect a gas-related problem natural disaster, City of Calgary Fire Chief Steve Dongworth said Tuesday. On the other hand, we must examine the equipment in the basement, to see if the furnace or the water heater had a problem, he declared.

We have started looking at all the gas appliances in the house, he added.

Yesterday's explosion, captured on a surveillance camera, rose well above the tree line. Eleven houses were affected by the explosion in the Marlborough district, located in the northeast of the metropolis.

A surveillance camera captured footage of a fire caused by an explosion in a residential neighborhood in northeast Calgary.

Steve Dongworth is nevertheless reassuring for owners, because these are extremely rare circumstances. Thousands of homes in the city of Calgary are safely using natural gas.

“Something went wrong and we need to shed some light. on this event.

— Calgary Fire Chief Steve Dongworth

All of the victims are believed to be from South Sudan, according to community leader Gar Gar. The latter says that he met some members of the families of the victims in one of the hospitals where they were transported to help them financially in this ordeal.

He emphasizes that the victims have lost everything, and also wonders why ten of them lived in the same house.

With information from the show Calgary Eyeopener and La Presse Canadian

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