A gift from the Earth |  Because we only have one

A gift from the Earth | Because we only have one

Within Greek mythology there is the figure of Gea in Latin, or Gaia for ancient Greek, names that literally mean Earth and that in some way represents one of the first references of humanization towards the planet we inhabit. Thus, as a woman who provides life, the Earth is for ancestral peoples, it is a mother who has given us the most valuable and essential, life.

Whether in the form of air or liquids essential for life, complex ecosystems that provide us with food, clothing and sustenance, as well as inspirations that have made possible the development of science, art, engineering, architecture and all the disciplines that they have made us evolve as a species.

These historical analogies, still in force, today still value Mother Earth as the engine of life and dynamism in all areas that have made development possible until now, and that will surely continue to stimulate our passage through time. However, the current state our home is going through in the universe can put its permanence at risk.

According to the United Nations, through its annual report The State of the Global Climate, 2020 was one of the three warmest years recorded in the history of the planet, despite the natural cooling caused by the phenomenon of The girl. The global mean temperature this year was about 1.2 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level (1850-1900).

A gift from the Earth |  Because we only have one

Added to this scenario is the fact that, according to the forecasts of the world reference observatory in the measurement of carbon dioxide, the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere this year will exceed about 50% of those same pre-industrial levels. Likewise, the fact that 70.8% of the earth’s surface is water, but only 2.5% is suitable for the consumption of 6,000 million people is not a minor problem, since at the current rate of consumption the future of biodiversity of many areas of the planet is at risk.

Procuring those gifts that have been given to us for life must not only be urgently protected, but various mechanisms must be found to slow down and reverse the negative effects that the human footprint constantly causes in its deterioration; a real call that involves all actors and areas of human life, including the productive and financial.

Approaches around how to be more productive with fewer resources and environmental impact, in what way mobilization It can be more ecological and in our favor, as well as the constant green incorporation to the business DNA or the development of businesses, financing and sustainable investments that promote low emissions, are some of the initiatives that encourage a present with environmental, social and economic values. much more ethical and conducive to the planet.

This is a historic opportunity for there to be a better future and to seek life at all levels, that that millennial gift that we have been given so far, life, be repaid as it should, preserving it and putting it at the forefront of priorities, collaborating collectively and consciously: a gift from the earth to the earth itself.


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