A healthy and athletic 19-year-old girl suddenly collapsed on the pavement. It was impossible to save her. Appeal of a despairing mother


The woman wants to warn teenagers against the habitual “peck” of e-cigarettes, which you will not put out, like an “analog”.

 Healthy and fit 19-year-old girl suddenly fell on the pavement. It was impossible to save her. Appeal of a desperate mother

Teen Rosey Christoffersen ub & oacute; She has been playing football from an early age, and her zeal was accompanied by her talent for scoring goals.

The healthy 19-year-old suddenly falls to the pavement. What Killed Her

She attended systematic training sessions and played weekly matches with her local club, but one season she became concerned about an intensely declining fitness.

& ldquo; I'm gassed & rdquo ;, she told her Trainer at Wallasey Wanderers in Wirral, struggling with weakness, asking for a break during training.

She also complained to her family about her chest pain. Before that, she was an occasional smoker, but started using flavored e-cigarettes and soon found it a compulsive habit.

The local medical clinic assured her that the discomfort in her chest was most likely due to muscle strain.

& ldquo; She went to the local store and bought these e-cigarette liquids, but you'll never see the same bottle twice & rdquo; & ndash; is Rachel Howe, 45, her mother. 'There would be coconut, cherry, rubber e-cigarettes. He was in her mouth all the time & rdquo ;.

On Valentine's Day 2015, she fell into the street. Howe said, “A member of the public called me on the phone and said, 'We're with your daughter, and she's on the floor. Someone called an ambulance …

As it turns out, the so-called vaping causes the accumulation of moisture in the lungs, which the manufacturers of these gadgets will never mention voluntarily.


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