A healthy weight recommended by doctors


29 August 2017, 15:03 | Medicine

It is believed that the ideal weight is the one you had at the age of 18.

Healthy weight recommended by doctors

< p style="text-align:left">It is advisable to keep it for a lifetime. But if in the past 15-20 or more years you have broken away from the ideal, you should not strive to return to it at any cost, reports Ukr.Media.

After all, every 10 years of life, the body's energy consumption decreases by approximately 10%. Accordingly, every 10 years we add about 10% (5-7 kg): first from the same ideal weight, later from the one we have. And the fat should be removed carefully, focusing on the same 10%, only in a year. In addition, it is better not to strive for eighteen-year-old weight, but to calculate your new ideal according to one of the medical formulas.

Healthy weight recommended by doctors

Formula Brocka

Ideal weight for men = (height in centimeters – 100) · 1.15.

Ideal weight for women = (height in centimeters – 110) · 1.15

Example: The ideal weight of a woman with a height of 170 cm = (170 – 110) · 1.15 = 69 kg.

This formula will probably remind many of the old “height minus 100” formula. for men and “height minus 110” for women It really is an improved version of that old formula. The fact is that the former version required everyone to be a fitness model, regardless of age or body type. Therefore, neither people with heavy bones and large muscles, nor women with clearly defined hips and breasts could fit into it. Therefore, scientists have subjected the old Brock formula to processing, and in its current form it looks quite realistic.

And we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a very useful table that will help determine your ideal weight depending on height.


Height 147 cm – weight 44-49 kg;

Height 150 cm – weight 45-50 kg ;

Height 152 cm – weight 46-51 kg;

Height 155 – weight 47-53 kg;

Height 157 – weight 49-54 kg;

Height 160 – weight 50-56 kg;

Height 162 – weight 51-57 kg;

Height 165 – weight 53-59 kg;

Height 165 – weight 53-59 kg;


Height 168 – weight 55-61 kg;

Height 170 – weight 56-63 kg;

Height 173 – weight 58-65 kg;

Height 175 – weight 60-67 kg;

Height 178 – weight 62-69 kg;

Height 180 – weight 64-71 kg;

Height 183 – weight 66-72 kg

Healthy weight recommended by doctors


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