A huge dog was horrified at the sight of the “evil” toys (video)

Огромный пес пришел в ужас при виде «злой» игрушки (видео)

A great Dane named Kruger, who weighs more than 60 kilograms, was stunned when his owner, a resident of Connecticut, showed him a fluffy toy, which is able to change the expression “person”. When you click on her cute face stuffed animal turns into an evil grinning face.

When the woman showed your pet this metamorphosis, he was horrified, jumped backwards and, after a moment of confusion, ran away.
The video became very popular on Instagram. Netizens wrote that Kruger reminds them of the character in cartoons and movies — great Dane Scooby-Doo, characterized by extreme cowardice.

And the owner later posted a photo of lying on the back and the pretty oslabevshey dog, by signing it: “I told Kruger that people liked his videos. Here is his response.”

The woman of the house is home to several cats and three dogs, which she took to afford them shelter.

Огромный пес пришел в ужас при виде «злой» игрушки (видео)

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